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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Phase Transformations in Ceramics: Science and Applications
Organizer(s) Pankaj Sarin, Oklahoma State University
Scott J. Mccormack, University Of California, Davis
Waltraud M. Kriven, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Theresa Davey, Bangor University
Sanjay V. Khare, University of Toledo
Scope The study of phase transformations in ceramics is an extremely important topic in the development of new materials. Engineering phase transformations may lead to new material behavior and properties, or new synthesis and processing schemes. In other cases, phase transformations are undesirable and one seeks kinetic or thermodynamic methods of suppression.

This symposium will focus on phase transformations in ceramics and other inorganic materials spanning the thermodynamic, kinetic, and mechanistic aspects, as well as new or potential applications. All aspects of study, experimental, computational, and theoretical, will be addressed. It will also address relevant issues in minerals and glasses. Session topics will cover homogeneous transformations; nucleation and growth processes; kinetics; diffusion-controlled versus diffusion-less transformations; critical particle size effects, pressure or irradiation induced transformations, martensitic transformations; ferroic (ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, or ferroelastic) or multifunctional transformations. Topics focused on applications are welcome; e.g. in transformation toughening or weakening, actuators, shape memory ceramics, smart or intelligent material systems.

The symposium will be broadly divided into sessions on (1) fundamentals, (2) processing, (3) characterization, and (4) properties and behavior (5) applications. Theory and modeling will be incorporated within the various sessions as appropriate.

Abstracts Due 05/15/2022

A Thermodynamic Database for Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics
Crystallization Kinetics of Yttria-doped Ytterbium Disilicate Environmental Barrier Coatings
D-23: Environmental Conical Nozzle Levitator Equipped with Dual Lasers
D-24: Relationship of Bonding Strength with Stability of Ternary Oxide Phases of MgSnO3: A First-principles Study
Far-From-Equilibrium Processing of Materials with Swift Heavy Ions and Mechanical Milling
HfW2O8 and Hf1-xTixW2O8 Negative Thermal Expansion and Phase Transformation
In-situ High Temperature Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Metal-diborides Through X-ray Diffraction
Martensitic Transformation in Shape Memory Ceramic Composites
Microstructural Evolution of Single Crystal CoTi2O5: A Study Combining Experiment and Simulation
Phase Control of Polytypic Ba0.5Sr0.5MnO3 Films on Polycrystalline Substrates
Phase Stability of Co-substituted Rare Earth Disilicate Systems for Environmental Barrier Coatings
Simulation of ZrO2 Phase Transformation for Superelasticity Understanding
Single Crystal Growth and Characterization of Magnetic Ceramics Using the Laser Heated Pedestal Growth Process
Study Toward Size Dependent Solid State Phase Transition between γ-WO3 and ε-WO3 via In Situ Cryogenic Raman Spectroscopy

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