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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T22: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium Light Metal Technology
Sponsorship TMS: Composite Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Xiaoming Wang, Purdue University
Peng Cao, The University of Auckland
Scope The scope of the Light Metal Technology symposium is to provide an opportunity of sharing recent technological advances and applications of lightweight metallic materials including aluminum, magnesium, titanium and their composites.

New theories, technologies and applications on lightweight metallic materials that are constantly being developed will be the focus of this symposium. It is generally a slow process to publish these new findings and applications in technical journals and business magazines. This annual symposium at MS&T annual conferences will attract materials scientists and engineers from all over the world, providing them a venue for broad technology dissemination in a timely fashion.

Abstracts Due 05/15/2022

An Innovative Experimental Setup for the Electro-thermo-mechanical Characterization of Microscale Ti-6Al-4V Wires
Dielectric Behavior of Aluminum and Its Relevance to Electrical Conduction and Stress/Strain Self-sensing
Precipitation Hardening on Fracture Behavior of Extruded Mg10Gd Modified with Nd and La
Residual Stresses in Multilayer Metal Sheets Produced by the Friction Assisted Lateral Extrusion Process
Revealing Growth Mechanisms of Faceted Al2Cu Intermetallic Compounds via High-speed Synchrotron X-ray Tomography
Towards Light Weight Structural Materials-optimized Processing of Nanocrystalline Mg-Al Alloys

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