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About this Symposium
Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium TMS-DGM Symposium: A Joint US-European Symposium on Linking Basic Science to Advances in Manufacturing of Lightweight Metals
Sponsorship Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. (DGM): German Materials Society
TMS Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division
TMS: Shaping and Forming Committee
Organizer(s) William Joost
Norbert Hort, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon
Scope Lightweight metals such as Al and Mg continue to find increasing application in engineering systems for transportation, energy, human welfare, and infrastructure. Driving towards ever increasing benefits will require that we leverage advances in the fundamental metallurgy of these alloys towards improvements in manufacturing. This joint symposium between TMS and DGM (the German Materials Society) is a forum for exchange and discussion of state-of-the-art results that provide insight into previously unknown characteristics and mechanisms in Al and Mg alloys and their connections with manufacturing technology. Examples include new details and understanding of deformation mechanisms, reports of novel metallurgical and microstructural features and kinetics, and discovery of unique process-structure-property relationships. This symposium will emphasize:

• Advanced characterization results, particularly three dimensional and/or time varying measurements
• Unique theory and modeling results, including process and manufacturing models
• New directions in manufacturing, excluding additive manufacturing, such as metamorphic manufacturing, high strain processing, and unique industrial processes moving towards implementation

All abstracts and presentations must include discussion of new advances in the basic science of lightweight alloys as well as implications for improved manufacturing capabilities.

Abstracts Due 07/20/2020
Proceedings Plan Planned:

Al-Fe-Si Phase Stabilization Using Experimentally Validated Computational Thermodynamics
Fracture Mechanisms under Monotonic Tensile, Fatigue, and Creep Deformation of Cast Al-Cu-Mn-Zr Alloys: Impact of Brittle Intermetallic Grain Boundary Particles
High-throughput Evaluation of Hardening Potency and Solubility of Eight Alloying Elements in Magnesium
High-throughput Experimental Techniques to Measure the CRSS for Slip and Twinning in Mg and Mg Alloys
Solute-vacancy Clustering in Aluminum
Spatial Correlations between Strengthening Particles in Multi-phase Hardenable Aluminum Alloys
Stacking-fault Mediated Plasticity and Strengthening in Lean, Rare-earth Free Magnesium Alloys
Study of the Solidification Pathways of Hypo/hyper-eutectic Al-Ce over a Wide Range of Thermal Histories
The Microstructure, Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Rapidly Solidified Al-10wt%Si-0.4wt%Sc Alloy

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