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About this Symposium
Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium High Entropy Alloys IX: Alloy Development and Properties
Sponsorship TMS Functional Materials Division
TMS Structural Materials Division
TMS: Alloy Phases Committee
TMS: Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Peter K. Liaw, University of Tennessee
Michael C. Gao, National Energy Technology Laboratory
E-Wen Huang, National Chiao Tung University
Srivatsan S. Tirumalai
Gongyao Wang, Globus Medical
Scope In contrast to conventional alloys, which are based upon one principal element, HEAs have multiple principal elements, often five or more. The significantly high entropy of the solid solution can potentially stabilize the solid-solution phases in face-centered-cubic (FCC), body-centered-cubic (BCC), and hexagonal close-packed (HCP) structures against intermetallic compounds. Moreover, carefully-designed HEAs possess tailorable properties that far-surpass their conventional alloys. Such properties in HEAs include high strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, fatigue and wear resistance. These properties will undoubtedly make HEAs of interest for use in biomedical, structural, mechanical, and energy applications. Given the novel and exciting nature of HEAs, they are poised for significant growth, not unlike the bulk metallic glass or nanostructured alloy scientific communities, and present a perfect opportunity for a new symposium.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:
(1) Material fabrication and processing, such as homogenization, nanomaterials, and grain-boundary engineering
(2) Advanced characterization, such as neutron scattering and three-dimensional (3D) atom probe
(3) Thermodynamics and diffusivity: measurements and modeling
(4) Mechanical behavior, such as fatigue, creep, and fracture
(5) Corrosion, physical, magnetic, electric, thermal, coating, and biomedical behavior
(6) Theoretical modeling and simulation using density functional theory, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, phase-field and finite-elements method, and CALPHAD modeling
(7) Industrial applications

Abstracts Due 07/20/2020
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A High-throughput Strategy to Study Phase Stability and Mechanical Properties in Nb-Ti-V-Zr
Accelerated Alloy Development and Characterization of Compositionally Complex Alloys via High-throughput Methods
Accelerated Design of High-entropy Alloys for Gas-Turbine Blade Components
Atom-by-atom Understanding of Atom Probe Tomography of HEAs
Combining Elemental and Microstructure Heterogeneities in High-entropy Alloys to Enhance Radiation Resistance
Computation of Thermodynamics and Stability of FeNiCoCr(Mn/Pd) High Entropy Alloys: Competition between Equiatomic and Non-equiatomic
Controlling the Corrosion Resistance of Multi-principal Element Alloys
Current Perspectives in High Entropy Alloys
Data-driven Design of Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Deformation Mechanism and Microstructural Evolution in Al0.4CoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy
Deformation Twinning in FCC High- and Medium-entropy Alloys
Design of Corrosion and Irradiation Resistant Compositionally Complex Alloys Using a High-throughput Platform for Applications in Extreme Environments
Direct Production of High Entropy Alloy Powders
Distinctive Room Temperature Deformation Behavior in Plastic BCC Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Dynamic Properties of a High Entropy Alloy -- FeCrMnNi
Effect of Cooling Rate on the High Strain Rate Deformation of Dual-phase High Entropy Alloy
Effect of Process Parameters on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Wire+Arc Additively Manufactured AlCoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy
Electron and Phonon Thermal Conductivity in High Entropy Carbides with Variable Carbon Content
Exploring Benefits of Metastability in High Entropy Alloys
Exploring the Structure-property Relationships of (Ti, TiAl6V4)xCoCrFeMnNi Graded High Entropy Alloy
Fabrication of Medium- and High-entropy Alloys Using Electroplating and Radio Frequency Plasma
FCC-HCP Transformation in Cr-Mn-Fe-Co-Ni High Entropy Alloys:- Mechanical Property and Nanograin Formation
Friction Stir Gradient Alloying: A Novel High-throughput Screening Technique to Explore HCP to BCC Transformation in a γ-FCC Dominated High Entropy Alloy by V Addition
From High-entropy Ceramics (HECs) to Compositionally Complex Ceramics (CCCs)
Fusion Plasma Relevant Erosion of Reduced Activation High Entropy Alloy-based lPasma-facing Material
Hierarchical Eutectoid Nano-lamellar Decomposition in an Al0.3CoFeNi Complex Concentrated Alloy
High-Entropy Alloys Containing Cu: Effects on Microstructure and Liquid Phase
High-strain-rate 2000% Superplasticity in A nanostructured High-entropy Alloy
High Etropy Alloy Design Aided by Neutron Scattering
High Throughput In Situ Micro-mechanical Testing of Multi-principal Element Alloy Thin Films to Enable Rapid Combinatorial Qualification
Hyperbaric Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition of High-strength Aluminium-Silicon Carbide Nanocomposite Fibers
Intermediate Temperature Precipitation in the HfNbTaTiZr Multi-principal Element Alloy
Linking the Metallurgy of Multiple Principal Element Alloys to Properties
Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior and Cyclic Plastic Response of Equiatomic CrCoNi Medium-entropy Alloy
Mechanical and Elastic Behavior as Well as Microstructural Response of NbTaTiV and NbTaTiVZr as a Function of Strain Rate
Mechanical Properties of Precipitation Strengthened Refractory High Entropy Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
Metastability and Phase Selection in High Entropy Alloys
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High-entropy Superalloy HESA-3 at Intermediate Temperature
Nanostructured High Entropy Alloys: A Review
Nanostructured Oxide-dispersion-strengthened High-entropy Alloys
On the Phase Stability, Mechanical Properties, and Deformation Mechanisms of the Equiatomic CrFeNi Medium-entropy Alloy
Opportunities and Trends in High Entropy Alloys: A Materials Science Perspective from the National Science Foundation
Order and Disorder in Amorphous and High-entropy Alloys
Phase Formation, Structure Modulation and Property Optimization of High Entropy Alloys, Composites and Glasses
Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of High Entropy Oxide Spinels
Temperature Dependent Deformation Behavior and Strengthening Mechanisms in a Two-phase BCC+B2 Refractory High Entropy Alloy
The Design and Characterization of High Entropy Alloys for High Temperature Applications
Thermal and Corrosion Behaviour of Laser-Deposited High Entropy Alloys
Tracer Diffusion in Single Crystalline CoCrFeNi and CoCrFeMnNiHigh-entropy Alloys: Kinetic Hints towards a Low-temperature PhaseInstability of the Solid-solution?
Transport Properties of Binary and Entropy-stabilized Diborides
Unique Microstructural Evolution and Deformation Behavior of HfNbTaTiZr BCC High Entropy Alloy at Elevated Temperatures
Welding Metallurgy and Weld Properties of High Entropy Alloys

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