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About this Symposium
Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials 2021
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Materials Characterization Committee
Organizer(s) Jian Li, CanmetMATERIALS
Mingming Zhang, Baowu Ouyeel Co. Ltd
Bowen Li, Michigan Technological University
Sergio Neves Monteiro, Instituto Militar de Engenharia
Shadia Jamil Ikhmayies
Yunus Kalay, Middle East Technical University
Jiann-Yang Hwang, Michigan Technological University
Juan P. Escobedo-Diaz, University of New South Wales
John S. Carpenter, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Andrew D. Brown, Devcom Arl Army Research Office
Rajiv Soman, Eurofins EAG Materials Science LLC
Alex E. Moser, Naval Research Laboratory
Scope The symposium focuses on the advancements of characterization of the minerals, metals, and materials and the applications of characterization results on the processing of these materials. Subjects include, but not limited to, extraction & processing of various types of minerals, process-structure-property relationship of metal alloys, glasses, ceramics, polymers, composites, semiconductors and carbon using as functional and structural materials. Advanced characterization methods, techniques, and new instruments are emphasized.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Novel methods and techniques for characterizing materials across a spectrum of systems and processes.
- Characterization of mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, dielectric, magnetic, physical, and other properties of materials.
- Characterization of structural, morphological, and topographical natures of materials at micro- and nano- scales.
- Characterization of extraction and processing including process development and analysis.
- Advances in instrument developments for microstructure analysis and performance evaluation of materials, such as computer tomography (CT), X-ray and neutron diffraction, electron microscopy (SEM, FIB, and TEM etc.), spectroscopy (EDS, WDS, EBSD) techniques, etc.
- 2D and 3D modelling for materials characterization.

Symposium Dynamics:
This symposium encourages, but does not demand, accompanying proceedings papers for each oral presentation. Awards will be presented for individuals who provide the best combination of oral presentation and written proceedings paper. In addition, a poster session will be organized at this symposium with awards for best posters.

Abstracts Due 07/20/2020
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A Comparison between ZnO Cauliflowers on Glass and Aluminum Substrates
A Correlative Approach for Distinguishing Multiple BCC Phases in Thick-Section High Strength Steels
A Lightweight Mossbauer Spectrometer for Lunar Exploration Using a Piezoelectric Doppler Drive
A Study of the Absorption Edge of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by the Spray Pyrolysis Method
Analysis of Potential Applications of Kamafugite Rocks in Fertilizer
Analysis of Wear Issues in the Rotary Shear Biomass Comminution System
Application of Desulphurization Residue in Cementitious Mortars
Applying Stereological Characterisation to the Solidification Structure of Single Crystal Alloys to Deduce the 3D Macroscopic Solid/Liquid Interface Shape
APT Composition Profiling for Accurate Evaluation of Diffusion Coefficients in the Zr-Ta Binary System
Ballistic Behavior of Epoxidic Matrix Composites Reinforced with Graphene Oxide Functionalized Curauá Fibers
Ballistic Behavior of Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Hemp Fabric Against .22 Ammunition
Characterization of Brazilian Linz Donawitz-LD Steel Sludges
Characterization of Dealloyed Gradient Nanoporous Foams
Characterization of Epoxidic Matrix Composites Reinforced with Graphene Oxide Functionalized Curaua Fibers
Characterization of Equimolar Zinc Ferrite - ZF
Characterization of Piassava Fiber Collected as Industrial Waste
Characterization of Reactive Metallic Nanolayers through High-speed Imaging
Characterization of Solidification Structure Morphology in High-carbon Steel Billet by Fractal Dimension
Characterization of the Palm Fiber: A Natural Fiber from the Amazon
Characterization of Ultra-hard Ceramic AlMgB14-based Materials Obtained by Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis and Spark Plasma Sintering
Charpy Impact Tests of Castor Oil Derived Polyurethane Matrix Composites Reinforced by Wood Industry Waste
Chemical Characterization of Hemp Fabric for Engineering Composites Applications
Chemical, Physical and Morphological Characterization of Eco-clinker Produced From Industrial Waste
Comparative Analysis of Mechanical Resistance and Corrosion of the Welded Region of Stainless Steel Lean Duplex 2102 and Stainless Steel Duplex 2205
Comparison Between Red Ceramic Parts With and Without Ornamental Stone Waste Under Weting and Drying Cycles
Composite Binder and Particle Size Effects on Mechanical Properties of Non-hazardous High Explosive Surrogates
Compressive Properties of Additively Manufactured Titanium Carbide
Correlation between Density and Diameter Variation of Carnauba Fibers
Critical Length and Interfacial Strength of Sedge Fiber Embedded in Epoxy Matrix
Crystal Mosaicity and Local Alloy Chemistry of Low Angle Grain Boundaries in Ni-based Superalloys
Density Weibull Analysis of tucum fiber with Different Diameters
Determination of the Crystallinity Index and Morphological Aspect of Carnauba Fibers
Development of Artificial Stone with Industrial Solid Waste from Fluorescent Lamps in a Polymer Matrix
Development of Onboard Temperature Monitoring System for Axlebox in Railway Bogie
Dislocation Creep at Low Stresses and High Temperature: Harper-Dorn Creep Revisited
Dynamic Behavior of a High Hardness Ballistic Steel
Ecological Mortars with Blast Slag Residue Application
Effect of Flying Ash as an Additive or Substitute for Portland Cement on Compression Strength in Concrete Blocks (Vibro-compacted)
Effect of Misorientation Development Near Grain and Twin Boundaries in Pure Copper and Copper-aluminium Alloy
Effect of Specimen Dimension on Plasticity Behaviour Below Submillimetre Scale
Effect of the Incorporation of Bauxite and Iron Ore Tailings on the Properties of Clay Bricks
Effects of Microstructural Features on the Crack Initiation Mechanism in AA6451 during Three-point Bending
Effects of Sinter Feed Size on Productivity and Quality of Iron Ore Sinter
Evaluation of Different Methods of Surface Treatment of Natural Açaí Fiber Added in Cementitious Composites
Evaluation of Full Bedding Concrete Blocks Prisms with Different Laying Mortar Strength
Evaluation of Izod Impact Energy of Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Hemp Fabric
Evaluation of Izod Impact Properties of the Epoxy Matrix Composite Reinforced with Curaua Fibers Functionalized with Graphen Oxide
Evaluation of Mechanical Behavior in Traction of Epoxy-Caranan Composites
Evaluation of Tensile Strength and Elastic Modulus of the Epoxy Matrix Composite Reinforced with Hemp Fabric for Engineering Applications
Evaluation of the Correlation between the Diameters of the Sedge Fibers and a Morphological Characterization
Evaluation of the Mechanical Behavior of Epxoy Matrix-hybrid Natural Faric Composite: Accelerated Aging by UV Radiation
Evaluation of the Use of Lignocellulosic Fibers in Replacement of Synthetic Fiber in Polymer Hybrid Composites
Evaluation of Thermal Healing in Pervious Concrete Pavers Produced with Reactive Powders Concrete
FIB-SIMS in a Multi-Ion Source Plasma FIB
Flexural Strength of Castor Oil Derived Polyurethane Matrix Composite Reinforced with Luffa Fibers
General Guideline of FIB Milling of Metal Alloys
Imaging Materials and their Evolution with High-Energy X-rays
In-situ Investigation of Iron Ore Stock Pile during Its Stacking and Reclaiming Process
In-situ Nanoscale Characterization of Phase Transformations in Materials Undergoing Ultra-fast Heating and Cooling
In Situ Study of High Temperature Oxidation of Alloys Using Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Incorporation of Porcelain Residue Powder and Mineral Wastes in Epoxy Matrix for Artificial Stone Purchase
Influence of Graphene Oxide Fuctionalization Strategy on the Dynamic Mechanical Response of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
Influence of Modifier Admixture Based on Las in Cement Pastes
Influence of Morphology on Ultrasonic Scattering: A Theoretical Study
Influence of the Ceramic Block Sorptivity on the Adherence of Rendering Mortars
Influence of the Granulometry of the Granite Residue on the Sorptivity of Ceramic Blocks
Influence of the Incorporation of Granite Waste on the Weathering Resistance of Soil Pigment-based Paints
Influence of the Mixing Processes of the Constituents of Incorporated Geopolymer Materials with Glass Waste
Integrated, Table-top Instrumentation for High-temperature Thermal Property Measurements of Molten Salts
Large-scale Crystal Orientation Mapping by Directional Reflectance Microscopy
Life Cycle Assessment Applied to Red Ceramic Bricks Production Versus Red Ceramic Bricks Incorporated with Stone Wastes: A Comparative Study
Manufacture of Porous Frit Vents using Space Holder Methodology for Radioisotopic Space Power Systems
Mechanical Properties Evaluation of Epoxy Matrix Composites for Different Conditions of Volumetric Fraction of Sedge Fibers
Mechanical Testing and Microstructural Investigation into the Effects of Heat Treatment on Additively Manufactured TiC Reinforced Ti-Ni Matrix Composites (TNMCs)
Microstructure Characterization of Aluminum 1100 Using Ultrasonic Backscatter Measurements and Synthetic Polycrystals
Modeling Empirical Estimators for the 3D Particle Size, Distribution, and Expected Error from 2D Cross Sections of a Lognormal Distribution of Spherical Particles
Nanotwinned Ni-Mo-W Alloys with Ultrahigh Strength and Localized Plasticity
On the Origins of the Discrepancies between Optical, SEM, and EBSD-based Grain Size Measurements
PCM Encapsulation for Incorporation in Construction Materials
Performance of High Fidelity Inert Thermomechanical Mocks Over a Diverse Range of Strain Rates and Temperatures
Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Characterization of AISI 316 Austenitic Stainless Steel
Plastic Behavior and Texture Anisotropy in Dynamically Loaded Tin
Preparation of Ceramic Coating on Copper Substrate with Transitional Layer by Low-temperature Slurry Method
Rapid Irradiation and Characterization of HT9
Research Progress of Aging Effects on Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites: A Brief Review
SAXS Tomography of Precipitation Hardened Multilayer Al Alloy Sheets
Significant Disparity of Non-basal Dislocation Activities in Hot-rolled Mg and AZ31 Alloy Under Tension
Spall Damage Characterization of Additively Manufactured Ti-Ni-C Composites
Statistical Analysis of Izod Impact Resistance of an Epoxy Matrix Reinforced with Sedge Fibers
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Gas-atomized Maraging Steel Powders for Additive Manufacturing
Study of Face Shell Bedding Concrete Blocks Prisms with Different Laying Mortar Strength
Study of Pathologies in Alkali Activated Materials Based on Slag
Study of the Feasibility of Incorporation Clay From Campos Dos Goytacazes - RJ, in Mortar Applied on Walls and Ceilings
Surface Characterization of Concentrated Jamesonite, in the Collectorless Flotation, in Acid, Neutral and Alkaline Medium
Synergy between Cu and Cr on Localized Corrosion of the Low Alloy Steels
Synthesis and Characterization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Application in the Removal of Heavy Metals from the Aqueous Medium
Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles Obtained from the Extract of Schinus Molle
S/TEM Characterization of Interdendritic Phases in Ni-30Cr Weld Metal 52XL
Technical, Environmental and Economic Advantages in the Use of Rubber Asphalt
The Influence of Alloying in Stabilizing a Faceted Grain Boundary Structure
The Simpex-Lattice Method Application to Optimize the Design of Soil-Slag-Fly Ash Mixtures
The Study of Structure-mechanical Properties Relationship in Different Cross-linked SU-8 Thermoset Polymers
Thermal Analysis by Differential Scanning Calorimetry of Sedge Fibers and Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Sedge Fibers
Thermal Analysis of Sedge Fibers and Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Sedge Fibers
Thermal Stability of Plain Arapaima Scales and Scales-reinforced Epoxy Matrix Composites
Thermochemical Characterization of the Carnauba Fibers
Thermogravimetric Characterization of Epoxy Matrix Composite Reinforced with Hemp Fabric for Engineering Applications
Ultrasonic Scattering in Two-phase Polycrystalline Materials
Use of Glass Waste as a Geopolymerization Reaction Activator for Ceramic Materials
Utilization of Magneto-optical Kerr Effect Microscopy for Microstructural Characterization of Steels
Variation of the Silica Module for Dosing Activated Alkali Mortars
Weibull Analysis of the Tensile Strength for Different Diameters of Cyperus Malaccensis Sedge Fibers

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