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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T23: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium The American Ceramic Society Journal Awards Symposium
Sponsorship ACerS
Organizer(s) John Mauro, Pennsylvania State University
Scope This symposium will recognize authors from The American Ceramic Society’s journals. Papers published in the previous volume will be selected to highlight the best papers, the most highly cited papers, graduate student authors, new authors, papers in emerging research areas, and other papers that have had an impact on the field of ceramic science. This will be an invitation only symposium so that all presentations will be invited. Each invited lecture will be based on a published paper and the authors will receive recognition for their accomplishments. We anticipate that all of the presentations will be 30 min in duration.
Abstracts Due 05/08/2023

2nd Century Trailblazers Award Lecture: Mechanical Tailoring of Dislocations in Ceramics at Room Temperature: A Perspective
NZSP-MS/PEO-NaBF4 Ceramic-polymer Composite-electrolyte for Conformal Solid-state Na-ion Batteries
SiOC-based Strain Gauge with Ultrahigh Piezoresistivity at High Temperatures
Synchrotron X-ray Multiscale Tomography: Visualization of Heterogeneous Microstructures, Defects, and Microfractures in Ceramics
Vacancy Ordering in Substoichiometric Zirconium Carbide
Vibrational Spectroscopy Analysis of Silica and Silicate Glass Networks

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