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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2020
Symposium Advances in Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices
Sponsorship ACerS Electronics Division
Organizer(s) Amar Bhalla, University of Texas
Ruyan Guo, University of Texas at San Antonio
Rick Ubic, Boise State University
Danilo Suvorov, Jožef Stefan Institute
Scope The symposium covers recent developments in design, preparation, and properties of dielectric and electronic materials as well as manufacturing issues related to dielectric materials and electronic circuits. Specific topics include:

- Advances in Dielectric, Piezoelectric, and Ferroelectric Materials Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications
- LTCC, ULTCC, and CSP Materials, Techniques, and Applications
- Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Materials
- Composition-Processing-Structure-Property Relationships
- Simulation, Modeling and Design Issues for Dielectric and Piezoelectric Materials and Devices
- Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Electronic Circuits
- Synthesis and Properties of Thin and Thick Films, Composites, & Single-Crystal Materials and Devices
- Ferroelectric Relaxors, Ferroics, and Multiferroics and their Applications
- Novel Composites, Metamaterials, and Photonics: Electronic, Magnetic, Optical, and Cross-Coupled Properties
- Ferrites, Magnetoelectrics, and Composite Multiferroics

- Amorphous and Semiconducting Dielectrics, Glass-Ceramic-Based Electronics
- Tunable Dielectric and Multiferroic Materials
- Metal-Ceramic Composites/Nano Composites for Microelectronic Packaging Applications
- Dielectrics for Energy Storage Applications

Abstracts Due 05/31/2020

Chemical and Magnetic Phase Stability in BiXO3 by Density-functional Theory
Concentration Dependent Dielectric Behavior of [In, Ta] Dipole Pair Substituted BaTiO3 Ceramics
Correlative Models of Some Structural Aspects of Perovskites
Designing Electroceramics with Ferroelectric Grain Boundaries and Cold Sintering
Determining Complex Dielectric Properties from Coaxial Transmission Line Data Using a Machine Learning Approach
Dielectric Capacitance for Chemical and Biological Sensing
Identifying Dielectric Breakdown Micromechanisms in Solid Oxides with In Situ TEM
Integrating Material Fabrication, Characterization and Modeling to Maximize ROI
Investigation of Intergranular Dielectric Properties within the Relation between Fractal, Graph and Neural Networks Theories
Investigation of Relaxor-like Ferroelectrics in [Sc, Ta] Dipole-pair Substituted BaTiO3 Ceramics
Multiferroism and Magneto-electric Coupling Effect of M-type Hexaferrites
Novel Dielectrics, through [Ga, Ta] Dipolar-pair Substituted BaTiO3 Ceramics
Plasma-assisted Epitaxy and Piezoelectric Behavior of AlN Films on c-Sapphire
Relaxor-like Behavior in Dipole-Pair [Y, Ta] Substituted BaTiO3 Ceramics
Structural Peculiarities of Epitaxial PMN-PT Thin Films
The Synthetic Diamonds Electrical Conductivity with Fractal Correction

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