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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T21: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium High Entropy Materials: Concentrated Solid Solutions, Intermetallics, Ceramics, Functional Materials and Beyond II
Sponsorship TMS Alloy Phases Committee
TMS Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Michael C. Gao, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Xingbo Liu, West Virginia University
Peter K. Liaw, University of Tennessee
Jian Luo, University of California, San Diego
Yiquan Wu, Alfred University
Yu Zhong, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mitra L. Taheri, Johns Hopkins University
Amy J. Clarke, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Scope One main objective of this high-entropy materials (HEMs) symposium is to connect the high entropy alloys (HEAs) or the more broadly-defined multi-principal-element alloys (MPEAs) community with the conventional materials community that has already created a huge number of multi-component compounds such as intermetallics, ceramics, and functional materials. Another objective is to promote the design and development of high-performance materials for industrial applications using the high entropy concept. It is recognized that configurational entropy does not always dominate materials properties, and efficient and reliable methods are urgently needed to accelerate discovery of new cost-effective materials for wide arrays of industrial applications. As such this symposium solicits recent quality research on fundamental understanding and applications of high-entropy materials.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:
(1) Combinatorial synthesis methods in bulk and thin film forms
(2) Advanced manufacturing (e.g., additive manufacturing, friction stir welding)
(3) Novel microstructures (e.g., heterogeneous, hierarchical)
(4) High-throughput characterization of the phases, microstructures, and properties
(5) Advanced characterization, such as neutron and synchrotron scattering and atom probe tomography
(6) Thermodynamic and kinetic properties
(7) Mechanical properties (e.g., elasticity, plasticity, strength, hardness, ductility, toughness, creep, and fatigue)
(8) Other physical and functional properties, such as electric/ionic/thermal conductivities, and magnetic, magnetocaloric, thermoelectric, superconducting, dielectric, optical) properties.
(9) Environmental properties (e.g., aqueous corrosion, oxidation, irradiation, hydrogen storage, cryogenic temperatures, high temperatures, high pressure)
(10) Interfaces in HEMs
(11) Theoretical modeling and simulation using density functional theory, molecular dynamics, dislocation theory and dynamics, Monte Carlo, phase-field, CALPHAD, and continuum.
(12) Machine learning, artificial intelligence

Abstracts Due 04/15/2021

A High-throughput Strategy to Study Phase Stability and Mechanical Properties in Complex Concentrated Alloys
A Low-temperature Chemical/Powder Metallurgical Route for Generating Fine-grained Refractory Complex Concentrated Alloys
A Novel Soft-magnetic Single-phase B2-ordered Multi-principal Element Alloy
A Systematic Analysis of Phase Stability in Refractory High Entropy Alloys Utilizing Linear and Non-linear Cluster Expansion Models
Ab Initio Modeling on the Elastic Properties of Al-Co-Cr-Fe-Ni High Entropy Alloys: A Case Study with FCC Phase
Amorphous Bands Induced by Low Temperature Tension in a Non-equiatomic CrMnFeCoNi Alloy
Atomic Transport by Point Defects and Clusters in Concentrated Alloys
Behavior of a High-entropy Alloy in Molten Salt Environments under Biaxial Stresses
Compositionally Complex Oxides: Synthesis, Characterization, Challenges, and Opportunities
Control of Local Distortions in High-entropy Oxides
Creep Performance of Various Single Phase FCC CoCrFeNi Family of High Entropy Alloys
Data-driven Design of Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Data-enabled Additive Manufacturing of High-entropy Alloys
Deformation Behavior in the Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Deformation Mechanisms in the Medium Entropy Alloy CoCrNi: Effects of Lattice Distortion and Chemical Short-range Order
Deformation of Refractory Multi-principal Element Alloy Nanowires
Design of TWIP/TRIP Non-equimolar High-entropy Alloys
Designing High-entropy Intermetallics: Machine Learning Models and Validation
Development of Interatomic Potentials for Highly Concentrated/Entropy-stabilized Systems
Development of Low-cost High Entropy Alloys through Alloy Mixing
Discontinuous Precipitation Leading to Nano-rod Intermetallic Precipitates in High Entropy Alloys Results in an Excellent Strength-ductility Combination
Enabling High-strength and Oxidation-resistant Refractory Complex, Concentrated Alloys via Multi-fidelity Experiments and Simulations
Enhanced Oxidation Resistance of (Mo95W5)85Ta10(TiZr)5 Refractory Metal Multi-principal Element Alloy Up to 1300C
Exploring the Chemical and Structural Phase Space of High Entropy Alloys with Ab Initio Calculations and Machine Learning Potentials
FeNiMnAl(Cr) Multi-principal Component Alloys
High-entropy and Multi-principle Element Materials: Distinguishing Features and Emerging Opportunities
High-throughput Design and Processing of MPEAs Using Additive Manufacturing
Insights into the Deformation Processes of a Refractory Complex Concentrated Alloy Exhibiting B2-type Order
Interstitial Induced Transformations in Nb-Ti Alloys
Irradiation Damage in (Zr0.25Ta0.25Nb0.25Ti0.25)C High-entropy Carbide Ceramics
Joint Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Alloys with Enhanced Fidelity through Integration of Machine Learning (Data Analytics) and Multiscale Modeling
Local Ordering and Defect Evolution in Body-centered Cubic (BCC) Multi-principal Element Alloys
Machine Learning Enabled Defect Energies in Concentrated Alloys
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hf-27Ta and Hf-21Ta-21X (X is Nb, Mo or W) Alloys
Microstructure and Phase Stability of High Entropy (RE)PO4 Monazite-structured Ceramics
Microstructures of Al2.7CrFeMnV, Al2.7CrFeTiV, and Al2.7CrMnTiV High-entropy Alloys
Multi-component High Entropy Ultra-high Temperature Carbides: Solid-solution to High-entropy Phase Formation
Nanostructured Oxide-dispersion-strengthened CoCrFeMnNi High-entropy Alloys
Now On-Demand Only - Computationally Guided High Entropy Alloy Discovery
Now On-Demand Only - Determination of Fluctuations in Local Composition, Strain and Lattice Distortions in Multi-principal Component Alloys Using Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
Now On-Demand Only - Exploring the Feasible High Entropy Alloy Space
Now On-Demand Only: Atomistic Simulations of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Grain Boundaries in High Entropy Alloys
Oxidation Behavior of Concentrated Refractory Alloys
Phase-field Modelling of Transformation Pathways and Microstructural Evolution in MPEAs (Multi Principal Element Alloys)
Predicting Fundamental Properties of BCC Refractory Multicomponent Alloys Using Electronic Descriptors and Statistical Learning
Radiation Effects in High Entropy Alloys
Recreate New Life of the Periodic Table: High-entropy Alloys
Refractory High Entropy Alloys with Balanced Properties Tailored for Service Conditions
Stress-corrosion of Al0.1CoCrFeNi High Entropy Alloy in a Molten Eutectic Salt
Structural and Mechanical Properties of High Entropy Metal-nitride
Structure Design and Properties of Multiple-basis-element (MBE) Alloy Flexible Films
Surface Enhancement of Multi-principal Element Alloys by Gas Nitriding
Temperature-dependent Configurational Entropy Calculations for Refractory High-entropy Alloys
Temperature Dependent Mechanical Behavior of the Au-Zn-Al Ternary System
The Cyclic Plastic Response and the Fatigue Induced Microstructural Changes of Equiatomic CrCoNi Medium-entropy Alloy
The Cyclic Plastic Strain Localization and the Fatigue Crack Initiation in Equiatomic CrCoNi Medium-entropy Alloy
The Dynamic and Sensing Performance of 3D Printed Functionally Graded Elastomeric Lattice Structures
The Formation of Complex Ternary Oxides in Refractory Complex Concentrated Alloys
The Research Thermoplastic Deformation Modes of Dual-phase Special Alloys for Obtaining Rational Intermetallic Structure
The Role of Composition and Static Displacements on Phase Stability of BCC High Entropy Alloys
Theories for Predicting Simple Solid Solution High-entropy Alloys: Classification, Accuracy, and Important Factors Impacting Accuracy
Thermal Conductivity Reduction in (Zr0.25Ta0.25Nb0.25Ti0.25)C High Entropy Carbide from Extrinsic Lattice Defects
To Mix, or not to Mix: Progresses in Entropy Descriptors
Tuning Mechanical Metastability in FeMnCo Medium Entropy Alloys
Ultrahigh-strength and Ductile High-entropy Alloys with Coherent Nano-lamellar Architectures
Understanding the Nature of Passivation Film of a TRIP Fe39Mn20Co20Cr15Si5Al1 (at.%) High Entropy Alloy in 3.5 wt.% NaCl Solution
Using Large Scale Ab Initio Computing to Predict and Understand High Entropy Alloys Formation

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