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About this Symposium
Meeting MS&T25: Materials Science & Technology
Symposium IGNITE MSE: Bridging Gaps in Innovation and Collaboration
Organizer(s) Pattiya Pibulchinda, Northwestern University
Lori Houghton, Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation
Kartik Nemani, Purdue University
Scope In materials science and engineering, encouraging new ideas and working together is crucial for making discoveries and solving complex problems. The "IGNITE MSE: Bridging Gaps in Innovation and Collaboration" symposium is designed to bring together a wide array of MSE professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to ignite ideas, enhance collaboration, and improve communication within the community.

The event will feature captivating keynote presentations, luncheon panel discussions, and networking workshops to develop interpersonal skills. Our diverse workshops will address various topics, including:
1. Career advancement for early-stage researchers and engineers
2. Collaboration and partnerships between industry and academia
3. Leadership and management skills for engineers
4. Ethics and responsible engineering practices
Each workshop will combine theoretical insights with practical examples and collaborative activities to facilitate networking.

Additionally, the “Broader Impacts of Science Posters” session will be open to all for submitting abstracts. This session highlights the importance of making science more accessible, inclusive, and beneficial to society. It encourages contributions that explore the ethical and social impacts of scientific advancements, engage with underrepresented communities, and promote educational and outreach efforts.

This symposium offers a unique opportunity to engage in an inclusive environment that fosters knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking. Attendees will have the chance to connect with peers, gain valuable insights, and cultivate new perspectives.

Abstracts Due 05/01/2025
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