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Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Sustainability in the Aluminum Supply Chain: Joint Session
Sponsorship TMS Light Metals Division
TMS: Aluminum Committee
Organizer(s) Les C. Edwards, Rain Carbon Inc.
Scope The Aluminum Reduction Technology Symposium, along with Alumina and Bauxite, Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production, Cast Shop Technology, and Aluminum Alloys, Processing and Characterization collectively form the Light Metals Symposium. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with experts from the Light Metals industry and academia from all over the world and get the latest update on key issues in the industry.

Aluminum as a strong and light weight material is a key enabler for a more fuel efficient future, however the production of aluminum and the associated raw materials is also a major source of greenhouse gas and other emissions as well as waste streams such as spent potlining and red mud / bauxite residues. This symposium forms a joint session together with alumina & bauxite, aluminum reduction and electrode technology and focuses on sustainability across the aluminum value chain. The industry is coming under increasing pressure to demonstrate progress on sustainability which will ultimately require a collective response. The session will be organized in the form of invited / key-note speakers, selected papers from the aforementioned subject areas and a panel discussion.

Manuscripts around this theme are most welcome and can be submitted to the respective subject area.

Note regarding publication: Authors seeking an oral presentation opportunity must submit a manuscript for the proceedings or be approved for publication in a TMS journal.

Abstracts Due 07/20/2020
Proceedings Plan Planned: Light Metals

Alumina in a More Sustainable World
Aluminium Production: A Pathway to Zero Carbon by 2050
Hydro’s Approach to Sustainability
Introductory Comments: Sustainability in the Aluminum Supply Chain: Joint Session
Introductory Comments: Sustainability in the Aluminum Supply Chain: Joint Session
Hide details for [<a href="/PM/PM.nsf/ApprovedAbstracts/44A70F16E38D0FFE85258692005DE4CF?OpenDocument">Long Term SustainabilityLong Term Sustainability of the Aluminium Sector
[Replication or Save Conflict]
Long Term Sustainability of the Aluminium Sector
Near Zero-waste and Near Break-even: A Path towards Sustainable Bauxite Processing
Review of Sustainability in the Carbon Supply Chain
The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI): Implementation and Impact

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