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About this Symposium
Meeting TMS Specialty Congress 2024
Symposium Symposium on Digital & Robotic Forming 2024
Organizer(s) Glenn S. Daehn, Ohio State University
Sarah J. Wolff, The Ohio State University
Jian Cao, Northwestern University
Kester D. Clarke, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Babak Raeisinia, Machina Labs, Inc.
Iain Todd, University of Sheffield
Scope The Symposium on Digital and Robotic Forming 2024, a brand new TMS event, will explore science and technology associated with numerically controlled forming methodologies that include robotics, machine learning, and/or combinations of manufacturing practices and how they can be applied to forming techniques, processing science, and the way we manufacture and make materials. This conference will convene experts and stakeholders to discuss the supply chain challenges for large metal parts and more.

Late Breaking News Abstracts are now being collected by April 15, 2024.

Abstracts are requested under the following topics:

-AI/ML in Robotic Forming
-Digital Twins
-Fundamentals of Incremental Forming
-Hybrid Processes (e.g Stamping + Robotic Forming, Robotic Forming + Stretch Forming)
-ICME in Support of Forming Operations
-ICME-Based Design in Robotics
-In-situ, In-operando, and Post-mortem Characterization (Temperature, Strain, Microstructure)
-Industry Application (Infrastructure, Marine, Defense, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Large-scale Energy, Construction, Architecture)
-Methods for 3D/4D Processes
-Robotics: Enabling and Application
-Robotic Forming on Non-metals
-Tools: Computational and Control

Abstracts Due 04/15/2024
Proceedings Plan Definite: Other
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