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About this Symposium
Meeting 2024 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium High Temperature Electrochemistry: An FMD Symposium Honoring Uday B. Pal
Sponsorship TMS Functional Materials Division
TMS: Energy Conversion and Storage Committee
TMS: Energy Committee
TMS: Recycling and Environmental Technologies Committee
Organizer(s) Soumendra Basu, Boston University
Srikanth Gopalan, Boston University
Adam C. Powell, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Filippos G. Patsiogiannis, Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd
Xiaofei Guan, Shanghaitech University
Scope The symposium will cover fundamentals and applications of high-temperature electrochemistry, including using I-V, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and Distribution of Relaxation Times (DRT) data to understand polarization losses, reaction mechanisms, and device degradation; electrochemical behavior of solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers; green engineering as applied to energy conversion and primary production of materials; solid-oxide-membrane based electrolytic cells for converting waste to hydrogen; hydrogen storage materials; devices based on mixed-ion-electron-conducting (MIEC) oxide membranes for generating and separating pure hydrogen from hydrocarbons enabling CO2 sequestration. and electrochemical processes for recovery of critical materials.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2023
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A Journey through New Research Applications in High Temperature Electrochemistry
Analysis of Operating Parameters Affecting SOEC Performance
Assessment of Phase Evolution and Cycling Performance for the Li-Sb-Sn Liquid Metal Battery System with Mixed Cation Molten Salt Electrolytes
Combination of Electrolysis and Thermocatalysis for Dry Reforming of Methane in a Liquid Alloy-salt Catalytic System
Considerations for Measuring High Electrical Conductivity Molten Salts with Concentric Electrodes
Degradation Mechanisms and Mitigation Strategies of YSZ Membranes in Contact with Oxy-Fluorite Flux
Dissolution and Diffusion of Titanium in Liquid Tin and Electrochemical Behavior of Ti-Sn Alloy Separation in Molten Salt
Dynamic Operation of Metal-supported Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells
Electrically-enhanced Boron and Phosphorus Removal from Silicon by CaO-SiO₂-Al₂O₃/-MgO Slag Treatment
Electrically Enhanced Metal Refining Using Slag – Recent Developments and Future Outlook
Electrochemical Attempts in Molten Salts for Extraction, Recycling, and Synthesis
Electrochemical Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Magnets in Molten Salts
Electrode Processes of Reactive Rare-earth Metals and Alloys in Molten Salt Electrolytes
Examples of High Temperature Electrochemical Research
High-Throughput Measurement Techniques for Physical Properties of Molten Salt
High Performance Battery Materials from Sustainable Sources
Highly Active and Thermally Stable Single-atom Electrocatalysts for High-temperature Solid Oxide Cells
Improving Performance and Durability of Intermediate Temperature Proton‐conducting Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells via Materials Design and Catalyst Surface Engineering
Mitigating Fuel Electrode Degradation in SOECs by Infiltrated of Nanoscale GDC Catalyst
Mixed Ionic and Electronic Conductors for Reactive Separation of Hydrogen
On Electrochemically Driven Phase Change and Accelerated Test Protocols in Solid Oxide Cells
Processing Contributions to the Conduction Variability of Sr2-xVMoO6-δ
Production of Pure Aluminum and Oxygen by Solid Oxide Membrane-based Electrolysis Using an Inert Anode
Quantitatively Relating Reaction Site Density and Performance in Electrocatalyst-infiltrated Ni-YSZ Symmetric Cells
Recycling EOL-LIB’s Using Thermokinetic Fundamentals in the LIFE Process for Sustainable Metallurgy
Taking SOM to the Moon: A Lunar Demonstrator for Oxygen and Metals Extraction from Regolith Based on the ROXY Process
The Effect of A-site Doping Elements and Concentrations on the Diffusivity and Ionic Conductivity of La2NiO4+δ Studied by Ab Initio Calculations
The Effect of Temperature on Electrodeposition Behavior of Cobalt from Cobalt Chloride Using 2:1 Urea/ ChCl Ionic Liquid
The Long Road to SOM Primary Magnesium Production
Transforming Residues to Resources and How Sustainable Metallurgy Can Set the Example
Transport Modeling in High-temperature Electrochemical Systems
Unraveling the Essence of Welding Flux Sustainability Towards High Heat Input Applications

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