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About this Symposium
Meeting 2021 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advanced Magnetic Materials for Energy and Power Conversion Applications
Sponsorship TMS Functional Materials Division
TMS: Magnetic Materials Committee
Organizer(s) Richard Byron Beddingfield, GE
Daniel Salazar, BCMaterials
Alex Leary, NASA Glenn Research Center
Huseyin Ucar, California Polytechnic University,Pomona
Yongmei M. Jin, Michigan Technological University
Arcady Zhukov, University of the Basque Country
Scope This symposium focuses on structure, properties, processing, and performance interrelationships for traditional and emerging magnetic materials. The symposium will cover soft and hard magnetic materials, magnetocaloric materials, magnetoelastic, magnetoelectric, magnetostrictive, and thermoelectric materials. The scope includes new material compositions, novel characterization approaches, and application driven magnetic component design for energy conversion, sensors, and actuators. We also encourage topics that focus on the economic and supply chain impacts that magnetic materials have on manufacturing and adaptation of technologies and applications as well as novel computational approaches used for the discovery and development of advanced magnetic material.

The symposium will place particular interest on the following topics:
1. Emerging and established advanced manufacturing methods
a. bulk manufacturing of advanced magnetic materials e.g. nanostructured, amorphous,
b. thermal-mechanical / thermal-magnetic processing,
c. energy dense processing using RF, microwave, high pressure or high magnetic fields
2. Novel magnetic materials and processing techniques for sensor and actuator applications
3. System level implications and interactions of magnetic components and magnetic design

Abstracts Due 07/20/2020
Proceedings Plan Planned:

A Refinement Program to Characterize Single Crystal Magnetic Diffuse Scattering from Neutron Diffraction Experiments
Accurate Modelling of Soft Magnetic Materials for Power Applications Using Finite Element Methods
Advanced Magnetics for Power and Energy Development (AMPED) : A New Consortium Model for US Power Magnetics Research and Workforce Development
Advances in Amorphous Core Technology for Loss Reduction in Distribution Transformers
Atomic Cooperation in Enhancing Magnetism: (Fe, Cu)-doped CeCo5
Bulk-Nano Spark Plasma Sintered Fe-Si-B-Cu-Nb Based Magnetic Alloys
Characterization of Binder Jet 3D Printed and Direct Laser Deposited Functional Magnetic Materials
Computational Modeling of Fracture in Sm-Co Magnet
Effects of Lattice Distortions on Magnetic Properties of Fe16N2: First-principles Study
Engineering of Magnetic Properties and Magnetoimpedance Effect of Fe-rich Microwires by Reversible and Irreversible Stress-annealing Anisotropy
Engineering of Magnetic Properties of Co- -rich Microwires by Post-processing
Evaluation of Medium-entropy FexCoyNiz Alloys as Precursors for FeCoNi-based High Entropy Magnetic Alloys
Exchange-coupled Ferromagnetism in Self-assembled Co-Pt Nanochessboards
Heterogeneous Sm-Co Sintered Magnets with Enhanced Mechanical Properties
In Pursuit of Antiskyrmions for Energy-Efficient Spintronics: Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Uniaxial [Pt/Co]-based C2v Thin Films
Kondo-like Behaviour and GMR Effect in Co-Cu Granular Alloys and Multilayers
Magnetic Augmented Rotation System (MARS) – An Update
Magnetic Domain Observation by Soft X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Microscopy of Nd-Fe-B-Ga Sintered Magnets Under High Magnetic Field and High Temperature
Magnetic Domain Tomography
Magnetic Field-assisted HDDR Processing of NdFeB Powders
Magnetic Real-time Tracking of Coronavirus Progress: A New Approach Utilizing Magnetic Sensor and Machine Learning
Magnetics and Magnetoelastics of Ce-doped Cobalt Ferrite Processed under the Influence of Magnetic Field
Magnetoelasic Domains in Fe-Ga Alloys
MnBi Thin Film Micromagnets with Tunable Anisotropy for High Temperature Applications
Neutron Diffraction: A Key Tool to Unravel the Magnetic Behaviour in Heusler Alloys
Overview of Magnetic Component Design for Power Converters
Oxide Thin-film Electronics for the Front-end Conditioning of Flexible Magnetic Field Sensors
Permanent Magnet Biased Inductors for Power Systems Applications
Radio Frequency Rapid Thermal Processing of Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Alloys
Regression Modelling of the High-frequency Inductors Used for Power Electronic Applications
Role of Fe in Stabilizing Ce(Co, Fe, Cu)5 and Enhancing Its Magnetic Properties
Scale-up Production on MnBi Magnet with High Performance
Soft Magnetic Fe-Co-Cu Supersaturated Solid Solutions by Severe Plastic Deformation
Spin Crossover Complexes as Multicaloric Materials
Substitutional and Interstitial Doping in 1-5 and Its Derivative Structures for the Development of Hard Magnetic Properties: A First Principles Study
The Development of On-chip-coil Type GSR Sensor
The Effects of Stack Manufacturing Processes on the Magnetic Properties of Iron-Cobalt Alloys

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