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How to Submit an Abstract |Back to Help|

To submit an abstract, it is first necessary to log into ProgramMaster. If you have not used ProgramMaster before, you will first need to register on ProgramMaster. Registration is free.

Once you are logged in, the process of submitting is as follows:

  1. Select "Submit an Abstract" from the Main Menu.
  2. A list of upcoming conferences and associated symposia that are currently collecting abstracts will appear. Select the symposium to which the abstract is to be submitted.
  3. The Abstract Submission Form will appear. Complete the presented fields as instructed (details as to what to include in each field are provided).
  4. When all of the fields are completed, click the "Submit My Abstract" button to submit your abstract to the symposium organizer.
Submitting an Abstract on Behalf of Someone Else |Back to Help|

ProgramMaster is very strongly oriented toward meeting participants working in the system themselves as opposed to other individuals working on the participant's behalf. It is recognized, however, that it is occasionally necessary for an individual who is not participating in the meeting to submit an abstract on behalf of another individual or group of individuals.

If you submit an abstract and are not one of the participating authors, please note such in the "Additional Requirements/Comments" section of the abstract submission form. This will signal the ProgramMaster staff to make the appropriate rights and authorship adjustments to the abstract (be sure to tell us to whom the ownership rights should be transferred). Including this detail will also serve to notify any listed coauthors as to what is happening when they receive the automatic e-mailed notification of the submission having been made. (You will not want them to think that you've taken ownership of their presentation.)

E-Mail Notifications |Back to Help|

Once you submit an abstract, the system will automatically generate the following e-mail messages as certain benchmarks are reached:

  1. An acknowledgement to you confirming your submission and recapping the essential elements of the abstract.
  2. A notification to your co-authors (at least those for whom you have provided an e-mail address) alerting them that you have submitted an abstract that lists them as a co-author. The substance of the submission will be recapped.
  3. A notification to the symposium organizer that a new abstract is ready for his/her review.
  4. A notification to you and your co-authors concerning the acceptance/rejection of your abstract.
  5. A notification of the tentative time and location scheduled for the presentation to be delivered.
  6. An invitation to submit a manuscript to the symposium proceedings if one is planned.
  7. A reminder of the manuscript submission deadline for the proceedings if a proceedings is planned and if you have not already submitted a manuscript.
Abstract Statuses |Back to Help|

Once your abstract is submitted, it will be assigned a status. This status is automatically updated as the abstract progresses through the various steps of the approval process. The statuses of your abstract submissions can be viewed by selecting "Presenter/Author Tools" from the Main Menu. This same link will provide you access to the submission as well. The following statuses may be shown:

  • Submitted: The abstract has been submitted but has yet to be reviewed by the organizer. If you wish, you still have the opportunity to make a change to the abstract. You and the co-authors will receive an e-mail confirmation and recap of the submission.
  • In Review: The abstract is being reviewed by the symposium organizer. You can view the submission, but you can no longer edit it.
  • Accepted: The symposium organizer has accepted the abstract as submitted, and your proposed presentation will be included in the technical program of the meeting. An e-mail message will be sent to you and the co-authors to alert you as to the acceptance of the abstract. You can view a submission with this status, but you can no longer edit it. Any changes that need to be made should be sent to staff at
  • Accepted if Modified: The symposium organizer has accepted your abstract on the contingency of changes being made. The required changes will be communicated to you via an e-mail message. In this message, you will be given a date by which you must make the required changes to your submission.
  • Saved But Not Submitted: You began to create an abstract submission, but did not complete it. You have editing access to the abstract until the abstract submission due date. If you do not formally submit the abstract by the deadline (by clicking the "Submit My Abstract" button), the draft document on which you have been working will be neither submitted nor considered by the symposium organizer for potential inclusion in the meeting program.
  • Rejected: The symposium organizer has reviewed the abstract and found it unacceptable for inclusion in the meeting program. An e-mail message will be sent to you and the co-authors to alert you as to the rejection of the abstract. Reasons for the rejection, if any have been provided by the organizer, will be contained within the e-mail message. You can view a submission with this status, but you can no longer edit it.
  • Cancelled Prior to Acceptance: Prior to the abstract being reviewed by the organizer, you have decided to withdraw it from consideration. The status is assigned by the author by clicking the "Cancel this Submission" button at the bottom of the abstract. The organizer will not consider the abstract for inclusion in the meeting program. Once cancelled, an abstract cannot be reopened.
  • Cancelled After Acceptance: At some time following acceptance of the abstract, you decided that the abstract must be withdrawn from the meeting. This status can only be assigned by the ProgramMaster staff ( You can view a submission with this status, but you can no longer edit it.
Editing Your Abstract |Back to Help|

You may only edit abstracts that have specific statuses as shown via the "Presenter/Author Tools" link from the Main Menu. From this menu item, you will see the statuses of all submissions that you have made under the current log-in identity. You will also see which items are available for viewing only and which are available for editing.

Only abstracts with the following statuses can be edited:

  • Submitted
  • Saved But Not Submitted
  • Accepted if Modified

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