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Hide details for [<b><font size='4'>Superalloys 2021</font></b>]Superalloys 2021
Wed 09/08/202108:30 AMPre-Conference Live Talks
Mon 09/13/202108:30 AMOpening Keynote Session
Mon 09/13/202108:30 AMAdditional Pre-Recorded Talks Available On Demand starting Monday
Mon 09/13/202109:30 AMPierre Caron Honorary Session
Mon 09/13/202111:10 AMMonday Part I - Alloy Development I
Mon 09/13/202101:30 PMMonday Part II - Alloy Development II
Mon 09/13/202103:10 PMMonday Interactive Session on Alloy Design
Mon 09/13/202104:10 PMMonday Part III - Blade Alloy Behavior
Tue 09/14/202108:30 AMTuesday Part I - Disk Alloy Manufacture
Tue 09/14/202110:10 AMTuesday Interactive Session on Disk Alloy Manufacture & Behavior
Tue 09/14/202111:10 AMTuesday Part II - Disk Alloy Behavior
Tue 09/14/202101:30 PMTuesday Part III - Blade and Disk Alloy Behavior
Tue 09/14/202103:10 PMTuesday Interactive Session on Disk Alloy Behavior
Tue 09/14/202104:10 PMTuesday Part IV - Environmental Behavior
Wed 09/15/202108:30 AMWednesday Part I - Blade Alloy Behavior
Wed 09/15/202110:10 AMWednesday Interactive Session on Blade Alloy Behavior
Wed 09/15/202111:10 AMWednesday Part II - Alternative Materials
Wed 09/15/202101:30 PMWednesday Part III - Additive
Wed 09/15/202103:10 PMWednesday Interactive Session on Alternative Materials and Additive
Wed 09/15/202104:10 PMWednesday Part IV - Alloy Development and Component Manufacture & Repair

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