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Hide details for [<b><font size='4'>Superalloys 2024</font></b>]Superalloys 2024
Sun 09/08/202407:30 PMOpening Keynote Session
Mon 09/09/202408:30 AMGeneral Session 1: Alloy Design/Development I
Mon 09/09/202410:10 AMInteractive Session A: Alloy Design/Development
Mon 09/09/202411:20 AMGeneral Session 2: Alloy Design/Development II
Mon 09/09/202406:00 PMGeneral Session 3: Disk Alloy Mechanical Behavior I
Mon 09/09/202407:10 PMInteractive Session B: Disk Alloy Mechanical Behavior
Mon 09/09/202408:10 PMGeneral Session 4: Disk Alloy Mechanical Behavior II
Tue 09/10/202408:30 AMGeneral Session 5: Blade Alloy Mechanical Behavior
Tue 09/10/202410:10 AMInteractive Session C: Blade Alloy Processing & Mechanical Behavior
Tue 09/10/202411:20 AMGeneral Session 6: Blade Alloy Processing
Wed 09/11/202408:30 AMGeneral Session 7: Repair and Refurbishment
Wed 09/11/202410:10 AMInteractive Session D: Repair & Disk Alloy Manufacture
Wed 09/11/202411:20 AMGeneral Session 8: Disk Alloy Manufacture
Wed 09/11/202406:30 PMGeneral Session 9: Additive Manufaturing I
Wed 09/11/202407:45 PMInteractive Session E: Additive Manufacturing & Environmental Behavior
Wed 09/11/202408:45 PMGeneral Session 10: Additive Manufacturing II
Thu 09/12/202408:30 AMGeneral Session 11: Environmental Behavior and Coatings
Thu 09/12/202410:30 AMGeneral Session 12: Disk Alloy Mechanical Behavior III

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