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Hide details for [<b><font size='4'>HEA 2023</font></b>]HEA 2023
Mon 11/13/202308:00 AM01 Monday Plenary
Mon 11/13/202309:00 AM02 Characterization of HEAs I
Mon 11/13/202309:00 AM03 Processing, Microstructure, and Properties of HEAs I
Mon 11/13/202309:00 AM04 Oxidation and Corrosion of HEAs I
Mon 11/13/202301:40 PM05 Fundamental Theory and Modeling I
Mon 11/13/202301:40 PM06 Characterization of HEAs II
Mon 11/13/202301:40 PM07 Fundamental Theory and Modeling II
Mon 11/13/202305:30 PM23 Poster Session
Tue 11/14/202308:00 AM08 Tuesday Plenary
Tue 11/14/202309:00 AM09 Oxygen Effects and Atomic-scale Processes
Tue 11/14/202309:00 AM10 Oxidation and Corrosion of HEAs II
Tue 11/14/202309:00 AM11 Characterization of HEAs III
Tue 11/14/202301:40 PM12 Fundamental Theory and Modeling III
Tue 11/14/202301:40 PM13 Powders and Additive Manufacturing I
Tue 11/14/202301:40 PM14 High-throughput and Machine Learning I
Wed 11/15/202308:00 AM15 Wednesday Plenary
Wed 11/15/202309:00 AM16 Processing, Microstructure, and Properties of HEAs II
Wed 11/15/202309:00 AM17 Performance in Extreme Environments I
Wed 11/15/202309:00 AM18 High-throughput and Machine Learning II
Wed 11/15/202301:40 PM19 Powders and Additive Manufacturing II
Wed 11/15/202301:40 PM20 Performance in Extreme Environments II
Wed 11/15/202301:40 PM21Performance in Extreme Environments III
Wed 11/15/202303:45 PM22 Wednesday Closing Plenary

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