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About this Conference
Meeting Materials in Nuclear Energy Systems (MiNES) 2021
Dates 11/08/2021 - 11/12/2021
Location Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Scope MiNES first met in 2019 to serve the fission reactor materials community that grew out of biannual symposia held at the TMS annual meeting (Microstructure Processes in Irradiated Materials – MPIM) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS) annual meeting (Nuclear Fuel and Structural Materials – NFSM). Discussions previously explored at MPIM and NFSM are now part of the MiNES forum and include the following topics:

- Fundamental Irradiation Damage (e.g., ion irradiation, defect evolution, microstructural investigations)
- Evolution of Material Properties (e.g., bulk versus small-scale properties, mechanical behavior, in-situ mechanical testing, changes in thermal properties, changes in properties under irradiation)
- Integrated Phenomena in Reactor Materials (e.g., irradiation creep, IASCC)
- Advanced/Novel Materials (e.g., materials development, materials qualification, preliminary irradiation studies)
- Fuels and Actinide Materials (e.g., novel fuel types, U-Mo, TRISO, metallic fuels)
- Nuclear Fuel Cycles (e.g. fuel production/handling; spent nuclear fuel management; separation and reprocessing; waste forms and environmental degradation)

The second installment of MiNES will be held November 8-12, 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. ANS and TMS alternate sponsorship of the conference and assist an organizing committee headed by three conference chairs in planning the content and venue for each meeting. While held in the U.S., the organizers of MiNES strongly encourage international participation.
Conference Chair Todd R. Allen, University of Michigan
Clarissa A. Yablinsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Anne A. Campbell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Materials in Nuclear Energy Systems (MiNES) 2021
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