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About this Conference
Meeting 7th World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2023)
Dates 05/21/2023 - 05/25/2023
Location Orlando, FL, USA
Scope ICME 2023 seeks to convene stakeholders from across areas of modeling and simulation, experimental specialization, and design, as well as from across academia, government, and industry, to address ICME tools and techniques and their integration, as well as to examine their application.

This congress will provide a forum for presentations and discussions centering on ICME-related topics, including:
- Applications: Advanced Manufacturing – Additive, Hybrid, Metamorphic, etc.
- Applications: Materials Design & Modification
- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
- ICME for Non-Metals, Structural Composites, and Ceramics
- ICME-Based Design Tools-Industrial Integration & Success Stories
- Linkage: Process – Microstructure - Properties
- Material Databases & Platforms
- New and Emerging Areas for ICME - Functional Materials and Energy Storage and Conversion
- Scientific Workflows for ICME - automated processes and data capture with tagging from experiment and computation
Conference Chair Charles H. Ward, AFRL/RXM
Heather Murdoch, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Durga Ananthanarayanan, IIT Bombay
Austin E. Mann, ATI Materials
Victoria M. Miller, University of Florida
Sanjay K. Sondhi, General Electric Research (India)
Georg J. Schmitz, Access E.V.
Kandler Smith, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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ICME 2023

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