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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Metamorphic Manufacturing – Incremental Deformation Processing for Agile, High-quality Metallic Component Production
Presentation Title Complexity & Functionality of Automotive Structural Components with Tailored Properties
Author(s) Paul Belanger, Lindsay Golem, Manuel Lopez Lage, Laura Galaceran
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Paul Belanger
Abstract Scope Over the past three decades, press hardening of steel (PHS) has become an important technology enabler to meet safety requirements and simultaneously light-weight structures. The widely used steel grade for hot forming is the boron-added 22MnB5 (0.22%C-1.2%Mn) steel, achieving nominal strengths of approximately 1.5GPa. The state-of-the-art PHS processing has been: austenitizing in a conventional oven, forming and press hardening with chilled dies, and laser cutting. The drive to further improve fuel economy and safety performance while maintaining consumer affordability demands even more aggressive vehicle mass reductions while maintaining low cost. Increasing the use of PHS in structural car body components demands high strength areas to avoid intrusion as well as more ductile areas to absorb energy or control kinematics during a crash event. PHS parts with locally tailored mechanical properties are ideally suited to this application. This paper reviews various processes to produce components with unique combinations of ultra-high strength areas tailored with softer, more ductile areas.


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