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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Retained Austenite for High and Ultrahigh Strength Steels
Presentation Title Application of Room-temperature Quenching and Partitioning on Medium Mn Steel
Author(s) Woojun Kim, Sung-Joon Kim
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Woojun Kim
Abstract Scope quenching and partitioning (q&p) steels composed of martensite matrix and metastable retained austenite can achieve good combination of strength and ductility by controlling the temperature of quenching and partitioning process. in the present study, room-temperature quenching was performed to result in dual-phase microstructure of martensite and retained austenite. this could make the q&p process simpler and be applied to hot stamping process. fe-6mn-1.5si-0.3c (wt. %) was designed to make martensite finish temperature (mf) slightly below the room temperature by controlling austenitization temperature and time. the dual phase microstructure was then tempered at 443 k for c partitioning from martensite to retained austenite. excellent mechanical properties of ultimate tensile strength of 2.2 GPa, yield strength of 1.5 GPa and total elongation of 11 % were obtained from tensile test. the effects of austenitization temperature and time on the mechanical properties with respect to microstructures will be discussed in detail.


Application of Room-temperature Quenching and Partitioning on Medium Mn Steel
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Tensile Deformation Characteristics and Austenite Transformation Behavior of Advanced High Strength Steel Considering Adiabatic Heating

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