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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Thermomechanical Processing in Shaping and Forming of Steels
Presentation Title Formation of Polygonized Structures and Nuclear Recrystallization under Controlled Rolling of Low-carbon Steels
Author(s) Sergey Shejko, Valerii Mishchenko, George Sukhomlin
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Sergey Shejko
Abstract Scope Electron microscopy (transmission microscopy TEM) methods studied the effect of variable factors (ε, τ, t), as well as the relative amount of special low-energy boundaries in the ferritic and martensitic components of low-carbon steels in the concept of CSL (Coincidence Site Lattice). The optimal performances of thermoplastic deformation have been established, as a result of which the polygonization process takes place - a change in the configuration of grain boundaries, the formation of low-angle polygonal borders, interaction between themselves and high-angle, and special boundaries. The developed heat treatment performance provided an increase in impact hardness, both of the base metal and the heat-affected zone of low-carbon steels such as steel 10ХФТБч (Standard of Ukraine). This is due to the appearance of special boundaries – twin, sigma 5 and others, as well as the occurrence of polygonization.


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Formation of Polygonized Structures and Nuclear Recrystallization under Controlled Rolling of Low-carbon Steels
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