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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Sandphobic Thermal/Environmental Barrier Coatings
Presentation Title CMAS Removal by Spectrally Guided Laser Ablation
Author(s) Eric H. Jordan, Michael Renfro
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Eric H. Jordan
Abstract Scope CMAS accumulates over a period of time leading to thermal barrier coating failure after sufficient accumulation has occurred. CMAS accumulation can also block cooling holes. CMAS phobic coatings are one potential approach to this problem. In this presentation, an alternative approach is presented in which the CMAS is ablated from the TBC surface using a pulsed laser and spectral analysis of the radiation from the plasma during ablation is used to terminate the laser before significantly removing the underlying coating. The availability of low cost powerful and high-speed lasers has expanded the potential use of this method to full scale cleaning of hot parts. Laser ablation is also, in principle, capable of clearing cooling holes within line of sight limits. Periodic CMAS removal has the potential to greatly extend life especially on coatings that have a low tendency to chemically interact with CMAS. This aspect will also be discussed


Army Advances in Sandphobic Thermal/Environmental Barrier Coatings
CMAS-Resistant YSZ-Rare Earth Oxide Composite Coatings
CMAS Removal by Spectrally Guided Laser Ablation
Development of Novel CMAS/VA Resistant TBCS: Influence of Chemical Composition and the Microstructure
Effects of Silicate Melt Chemistry on Thermochemical Interactions with Thermal Barrier Oxides
High Resolution Non-invasive Characterization of Calcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate Infiltration in Thermal Barrier Coatings
Multiphase Thermal Barrier Coatings for Broad-base Resistance to Silicate Deposits
Multlayer, Multifunctional, Thermo-structural Coatings to Mitigate Molten Silicate Attack in Aeroengines
Non-silicate Ceramic T-EBC Coatings for SiC CMCs
Numerical Investigation of Particle Deposition in Gas Turbine Blades
Processing of Laser Surface Modification of Functionally Graded Alumina/CYSZ Thermal Barrier Coating
Progress and Challenges in Understanding CMAS Attack and Developing CMAS-phobic T/EBCs
Turbulence Modulation Effects in Particle-laden Shear Driven Flows and its Impact on Material Deposition

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