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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Multifunctional Ceramic- and Metal-matrix Composites: Processing, Microstructure, Properties and Performance
Presentation Title P2-67: Hybrid Ceramic Matrix Composites
Author(s) Martin I. Pech-Canul, Socorro Valdez, Evangelina Trujillo-Vazquez, Juan Carlos Guía-Tello , Máximo Antonio Pech-Canul , Josué A. Aguilar-Martínez, Luis Alfredo González-López
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Martin I. Pech-Canul
Abstract Scope According to the literature, in the hybrid ceramic matrix composites (HCMCs) at least one of the constituents is not homogeneous from the chemical or microstructure viewpoint. It is also considered that when both aligned continuous ceramic fibers and randomly dispersed fine whiskers reinforce a ceramic matrix, the material is a hybrid ceramic matrix composite. The ceramic matrix and the ceramic fibers are bonded through thin interphase. And when the constituents are non-oxide in nature, they are prone to oxidation and must be protected by coatings. Although HCMCs are attractive for a variety of mechanical and thermal applications, when hybrid matrices, coatings, and interphases are used, the material can be tailored for withstanding aggressive environments. Covering a description of ceramic matrix composites briefly, the present contribution is a short overview of the current status in the processing and properties of hybrid ceramic matrix composites.


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P2-67: Hybrid Ceramic Matrix Composites
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