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Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2019
Symposium Ceramic and Crystal Materials for Optics and Photonics
Presentation Title A Comparison of Rare Earth Dopants in a Nanocomposite Material System for Infrared Laser Gain Media
Author(s) Victoria L. Blair, Steven Kilczewski, Zackery Fleischman
On-Site Speaker (Planned) Victoria L. Blair
Abstract Scope Over the past 5 years, significant research has been focused on the MgO/Er:Y2O3 material system for proof-of-concept study for use as a mid-IR laser gain medium. In order for sufficient lasing to occur, the material must have high transmission at both wavelengths of interest, the excitation wavelength and the emission wavelength. However, the excitation wavelength of Er within the Y2O3 matrix is ~980nm, where the transmission is typically around 50% of theoretical. This condition can lead to inefficient lasing. Recently, Ho:Y2O3 has shown effective pumping at 1.9 microns with an emission at 2.1 microns. These wavelengths are more attainable for the nanocomposite system to accommodate for effective transmission. In the current research, MgO/Ho:Y2O3 nanocomposite ceramics have been produced to study the spectral properties of holmium within the Y2O3 matrix and how the behavior changes upon being introduced into this nanocomposite ceramic material.


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