Energy Materials 2017: Materials for Oil and Gas and AMREE Oil & Gas III: Harnessing Bulk Nanostructured Materials for Energy I
Sponsored by: Chinese Society for Metals
Program Organizers: Indranil Roy, Schlumberger; Chengjia Shang, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Monday 8:30 AM
February 27, 2017
Room: 14A
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

Session Chair: Indranil Roy, Schlumberger; Partha Ganguly, Baker Hughes

8:30 AM  Keynote
Stabilizing Nanostructures in Metals via Interface Architectures: Ke Lu1; 1Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Strong-and-stable metals are highly desirable for a variety of technological applications in the oil and gas industry. Simply refining polycrystalline grains of metals and alloys into the nanometer scale leads to significant hardening, but diminishes their mechanical and thermal stability. The brittleness under tension and high grain coarsening tendency in nano-grained metals originate from the instability of a high density of interfaces at the nano-scale. Stabilizing interfaces in the nanostructured metals is most critical for advancement of this new material family. This talk is to review recent developments of stabilization in nanostructured metals via interface architecture. Quantity, structure, and distribution of several types of interfaces are analyzed to identify their effects on properties and performance in nanostructured metals. Perspectives on this novel and sustainable approach are discussed with respect to its future development and technological applications.