Perspectives for Emerging Materials Professionals: Perspectives for Emerging Materials Professionals, Session I
Program Organizers: Dharma Maddala, Arconic Technology Center; Rachel Bethancourt, Cherry Aerospace, a SPS Technologies Company; Jesse Angle, Exponent, Failure Analysis Associates; K Shugart, UES, Inc

Monday 8:00 AM
October 9, 2017
Room: 414
Location: DLL Convention Center

Session Chair: Dharma Maddala, Arconic Technology Center; Rachel Bethancourt, Fitbit; Jesse Angle, Exponent, Failure Analysis Associates; Kathleen Shugart, UES, Inc

8:00 AM  
Finding a Materials Engineering Position within the US Federal Government: Brian Boyette1; 1NAVAIR FRC East, Cherry Point, NC
    The US federal government employs materials engineers in a variety of agencies and positions. These positions range from senior researchers to entry-level engineers in agencies ranging from the Department of Defense to the Food and Drug Administration to the Department of the Interior. Degreed materials engineers also work in program management, finance and budgeting, contracting, and oversight positions, among others. The federal government uses the USAJobs website as its portal for posting vacancies and accepting applications. This presentation will describe the speaker's experiences as a materials engineer with the Navy. It will also explain some of the government-ese you may encounter when searching for federal jobs as well as how to search for and apply to these positions.

8:20 AM  Invited
Experiences and Thoughts on Professional Development: Kevin Fox1; 1Savannah River National Laboratory
    I will present experiences from graduate school and from my 10+ years at a DOE National Laboratory. The presentation will include thoughts on co-op experiences, collaborative research projects, international opportunities, and professional societies. These experiences have helped guide my career and personal development, and have provided many useful lessons. This will be an interactive discussion with questions welcome.

8:40 AM  Invited
Career Planning...Professionalism/Networking: Who is the Decision Maker?: Frederick Schmidt1; 1ASM International
     Dr. Schmidt, as have previous ASMI Presidents, has had a professional journey extravaganza. As a general proposition one must anticipate and embrace "change". The best strategy is to not allow one's career to move and stay in the direction of "Specialization". Rather, it is essential to broaden, expand, and diversify your career. Topics discussed and illustrated: Horizon planning,acquiring credentials, certifications and resume building as lessons learned. The Life story of Herbert Hoover (e.g. Dam in Nevada) will be compared to Dr. Schmidt's current C S I forensic, investigative lifestyle. One must "inventory" talent, assess relative areas of "weakness", be willing to take prudent risk and stay focused on accomplishing the "mission". Note: The lecture will set the stage for the follow up "Outward Bound" panel discussion! *Principal Engineer/Director of Technology, Advanced APPLIED Services, Inc, St. Charles, IL 60175

9:00 AM  
New Challenges, New Connections and New Solutions: John Stevens1; 1Baker Hughes
    A materials engineer or scientist will wear many hats during his or her career, and this is especially true in the energy industry. From forensic analysis to cutting-edge material research, from cast iron to functionalized nanoparticles, or from Houston, Texas, to Cape Town, South Africa, engineers and scientists continue to bring expertise and skills to find solutions to efficiently bring energy to the customers who need it. Doing this well requires quickly adapting to new problems, connecting observation to fundamental material features, meeting new experts and effectively communicating your new understanding. Accomplishing these feats opens new challenges and new opportunities for continued scientific and career exploration. The presentation will share examples of these key points from an oil and gas materials scientist.

9:20 AM  Invited
Careers in Technical Consulting: David Schoen1; 1Exponent, Inc.
    No company or organization can employ engineers of every possible expertise. In many cases, the fastest and most effective way to get the sort of engineer you need is to look outside your organization for an expert. Meeting this need is the role of technical consultants. A career in technical consulting offers many unique features and differs significantly from the role a PhD materials scientist might find in academic or government research as well as typical engineering roles in industry. This presentation will discuss some of these unique features from the perspective of a managing engineer at Exponent, Inc., a large technical consulting firm. Exponent provides an interesting vantage point to comment on careers in technical consulting since it is a global firm employing scientists and engineers from many disciplines, including many materials scientists, and provides engineering services widely to clients in industry and government.

9:40 AM  Invited
Environmental Sustainability in the Material World: John Wolodko1; 1University of Alberta
    Today’s professionals have an increased awareness and interest in the area of sustainability and the impact of our decisions on the environment. This presentation provides an overview of current sustainability issues pertaining to the material science and engineering community, and their potential impacts in an ever changing world.

10:00 AM Break

10:20 AM  Cancelled
International Experience: Preparing American Engineers with Global Perspective : Mufit Akinc1; 1Iowa State University
     Globalization of industrial and business practices brought dramatic changes in the way we design, manufacture, and market products. Physical and virtual connectivity have changed the rules of engagement in many facets of the business enterprise. Impressive economic growth and technological advancements in developing countries also played a significant role in changing the World’s industrial production as well as consumption share. Globalization requires engineers, to become capable of working with professionals from different cultures and cognizant of global market needs. American engineers should possess competency in culture and foreign language in addition to the creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial skills.Necessary attributes of global engineers, the roles that U.S. universities and industry in preparing students and young engineers to face this challenge, along with some failures will be presented. Examples of notable programs that have been developed and implemented to meet this critical need will also be discussed.

10:40 AM  Cancelled
My International Metal Career: Production, Equipment and Services – From Entrepreneur to Corporate Structures: Thomas Wingens1; 1WINGENS - International Industry Consultancy
    This presentation outlines the different stakeholder of the metal industry on a global view. It will show the various tasks and career path of a materials engineer; gathered experiences are critically compared. It will show benefits of international corporation, mid-size, family and single entity companies.

11:00 AM  
Career Options in Patent Law for Materials Science Professionals: Thomas Joseph1; 1Thomas M. Joseph, Esq.
    Materials science professionals have many career opportunities in patent law. These career opportunities can include becoming patent attorneys, patent agents, patent examiners, expert witnesses, inventors and patent owners. Material science professionals who enter these professions can work in law firms, consulting firms, private industry, government, and academia. This presentation will discuss the role of the various branches of government in applying patent law and how materials science professionals within these professions can interact with those branches of government.