Pan American Materials Congress Plenary: Session I
Program Organizers: Marc Meyers, University of California, San Diego

Tuesday 8:30 AM
February 28, 2017
Room: Marina G
Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel

8:30 AM Introductory Comments

8:40 AM  Plenary
Designing Infrastructure Materials for 100-plus Year Service Lives: Carolyn Hansson1; 1University of Waterloo
    Most engineered products have a design life considerably shorter than that of many reinforced concrete structures being built today. Mobile phones and computers are considered obsolete within about 5 years. Even household appliances and cars are not expected to last more than 10 years. In contrast, the Canadian Highway Bridge code currently requires a design life of 75 years and discussions are underway to extend this to 100 years. Similar, or even longer, requirements exist in the USA and Europe. This paper will describe the issues surrounding the durability of reinforced concrete and the challenges in meeting the specified minimum service lives.

9:20 AM  Plenary
Production, Properties, and Applications of Titanium Dioxide Films: Carlos Schvezov1; 1Institute of Materials of Misiones
    The production and characterization of Titanium Dioxide films is presented. The two main processes considered for film fabrication are; sol-gel deposition and anodic oxidation, mostly on pure and alloyed Titanium substrates. Also the heat treatments applied on the composite material are presented.The resulting mechanical, corrosion and biological properties are analized and related to its performance for two main uses; as a protective and haemocompatible coatings, and as a fotocatalytic surface. The morphology and structure depend on the proces and mainly two types of surfaces are desired; on one hand for haemocompatibility, a smooth surface is required and on the other hand for photocatalityc applications, a nanotubular surface which increases the contact surface area is desired. In both cases the optimal crystal microstructure varies between rutile and anatase. The relevant properties are presented for each application.

10:00 AM Break