Emerging Interconnect and Pb-free Materials for Advanced Packaging Technology: Poster Session
Sponsored by: TMS Functional Materials Division, TMS: Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Materials Committee
Program Organizers: Fan-Yi Ouyang, National Tsing Hua University; C. Robert Kao, National Taiwan University; Albert T Wu, National Central University; Fay Hua, Intel Corporation; Yan Li, Intel Corporation; Babak Arfaei, Binghamton University; Kazuhiro Nogita, The University of Queensland

Tuesday 6:00 PM
February 28, 2017
Room: Hall B1
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

L-61: Effect of Component Surface Finish on the Thermo-mechanical Reliability of Lead-free High Temperature Solder Alloys: Faramarz Hadian1; Harry Schoeller2; Eric Cotts1; 1Binghamton University; 2Universal Instrument Corporation
    New reliability issues arise in solder joints operating at 200oC, including accelerated growth of intermetallic compounds at metallization/solder interfaces and more rapid coarsening of precipitates. Thus Pb free solder joint performance was investigated in thermal shock excursions between -55oC and 200oC for many different combinations of Pb free solders and surface finishes. These tests were combined with careful microstructural characterization before and after thermal shock, and shear strength measurements. A standard high Pb solder was also subjected to all aspects of the test plan, and thus was utilized as a standard. Sn based solder alloys with solid substitutional additions such as Sb or Bi performed best. Significant variations were observed with changes in surface finishes. Comparisons were made to the performance of Ag-filled epoxy/Au joints.