Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials: Composites
Sponsored by: TMS Extraction and Processing Division, TMS: Materials Characterization Committee
Program Organizers: Shadia Ikhmayies, Al Isra University; Bowen Li, Michigan Technological University; John Carpenter, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Jian Li, CanmetMATERIALS; Jiann-Yang Hwang, Michigan Technological University; Sergio Monteiro, Military Institute of Engineering ; Firrao Donato, Collegio Universitario, Italy; Mingming Zhang, ArcelorMittal Global R&D; Zhiwei Peng, Central South University; Juan P. Escobedo-Diaz, UNSW Australia; Chenguang Bai, Chongqing University; Eren Kalay, METU; Ramasis Goswami, Naval Research Laboratory; Jeongguk Kim, Korea Railroad Research Institute

Thursday 8:30 AM
March 2, 2017
Room: 31A
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

Session Chair: Jiann-Yang Hwang, Michigan Technological University; Marcos Fernandes, USP; Jean Margem, UENF UNIVERSITY STATE NORTHERN RIO DE JANEIRO

8:30 AM  
Study on Mechanical Property of Porous Titanium by Adding Powder TiB2: Lu TengFei1; 1College of Materials Science and Engineering,Chongqing University
    Porous Ti/TiB matrix composites with porosity of 40 have been successfully prepared by powder metallurgical technology(PMD) using urea as spacer. The green samples were heated under 450℃ for 1.5h to completely remove urea and then sintered in the high vacuum furnace under 0.1Pa at 1200℃ and held at that point for 2h. Compressive behavior of final products with different content of TiB2 was investigated. The yield strength and Young’s modulus were in the range of 120-180MPa and0.3-0.9GPa respectively. The results manifested that the compressive strength of porous Ti/TiB matrix composites could be effectively improved Because of the existence of TiB.