Global Energy 2025: Presented by TMS-Chinese Society for Metals-Federation of European Materials: Plenary Session
Sponsored by: Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS)
Program Organizers: TMS Administration

Sunday 6:00 PM
February 26, 2017
Room: Pacific Ballroom 21-26
Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel

Session Chair: Jeremy Busby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

6:00 PM Introductory Comments

6:05 PM  Plenary
Grand Science Challenges to Energize a New Era of Innovation: Harriet Kung1; 1DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences
    The 21st century brings with it staggering challenges for more advanced energy technologies that are abundant, clean, and economical. Transforming the ways we generate, supply, transmit, store, and use energy are the paramount opportunities for the world in the coming decades. To convert sunlight to fuel, efficiently store energy, or enable a new generation of energy production and utilization technologies requires the development of new materials and processes of unprecedented functionality and performance. Advances in research and development serve as the foundation for transformational energy technology. In November 2015, the Basic Energy Sciences (BES) Advisory Committee released a Report, Challenges at the Frontiers of Matter and Energy: Transformative Opportunities for Discovery Science. The report identified emerging grand challenges for basic energy sciences research whose impacts promise to be transformative for science and energy. This talk will focus on grand science challenges to energize a new era of innovation.

6:35 PM  Plenary
Advancement of Energy Industries and Related Critical Materials in China: Zhiling Tian1; 1Central Iron and Steel Research Institute (CISRI)
    The Chinese energy industry has experienced rapid development in the past decades. China currently has become the world's biggest energy producer and the largest energy consumer. This paper reviewed the development history of Chinese energy industries and their necessarily related critical materials since 1978, with the emphasis on the newly built 600+℃ultra-super-critical (UCS) fossil fire power plants and pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants in china, which are the world’s most advanced level technically, and which already effectively contributed to the energy-saving and emission-reduction for china and the whole world. Meanwhile, the future outlook for materials-related energy issues through 2025, including fossil and nuclear power, gas turbine, oil and gas in China, were also systematically described.

7:05 PM  Plenary
Establishing Industrial Leadership of Europe in Advanced Materials for Low Carbon Energy: Fabrice Stassin1; 1EMIRI Association
    The aim of the EMIRI contribution is to inform stakeholders on the key enabling role that the Industry of Advanced Materials plays in facilitating the development & deployment of low carbon energy technologies in Europe while creating growth & jobs in Europe. After a short introduction to EMIRI, the presentation will address global trends in low carbon energy technologies, will highlight elements of the European sector of Advanced Materials for low carbon energy technologies and will outline recommendations to solve the European energy challenges and ensure Industrial Leadership of the sector. The contribution will also present the key priorities from Industry for more effective & efficient Innovation on Advanced Materials for low carbon energy in Europe.

7:35 PM Panel Discussion

8:00 PM Concluding Comments