Pan American Materials Congress Plenary: Session IV
Program Organizers: Marc Meyers, University of California, San Diego

Wednesday 2:00 PM
March 1, 2017
Room: Marina G
Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel

2:00 PM  Plenary
What Do Snakes Have to Say About Tribology? Biomimetics Applied to Friction and Wear Studies: Alejandro Toro1; 1National University of Colombia
    The improvement of tribological performance of engineering components is becoming increasingly relevant in the quest for safer, environment-friendly, efficient systems for a number of applications including power generation plants, massive public transportation and military equipment, among others. Besides monitoring the operating conditions and performing timely maintenance tasks, the selection and, eventually, the design of the proper structure (from the mesoscale to the nanoscale) of the surfaces involved plays a crucial role in achieving optimal performance in terms of friction coefficients and wear rates. I will discuss how specific microstructural and topographical features of the surface are responsible for improved tribological response in a number of pairs including Ti6Al4V alloy - UHMWPE for total hip replacements and steel - steel for roller bearings. The modifications performed on the surfaces were based on the textural features of shed skin of Python Regius and Red Tail Boa snakes, whose microstructure studied by AFM, Instrumented Nanoindentation, SEM, TEM and Raman Spectrometry is analyzed in detail. It will be shown that the friction coefficient of the texturized surfaces is consistently lower than that of conventionally produced surfaces, and that the anisotropy in the tribological response of the deterministic surfaces can be used to predict the friction behavior of the system.

2:40 PM  Plenary
Toward a Federation of American Materials Societies: The European Experience: Pedro D. Portella1; 1Federal Institute of Testing and Materials BAM
    To be announced.

3:20 PM Break