Energy Materials 2017: Materials for Energy Conversion with Emphasis on SOFC: Poster Session
Sponsored by: Chinese Society for Metals
Program Organizers: Amit Pandey, LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc.; Kyle Brinkman, Clemson University; Teruhisa Horita, AIST; Minfang Han, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing

Monday 6:00 PM
February 27, 2017
Room: Hall B1
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

C-9: Composition Effects on the Characteristics of Glass Sealants for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications: Sea-Fue Wang1; Yung-Fu Hsu1; Zu-You Liu1; 1National Taipei University of Technology
    In this study, four categories of glass compositions were explored for use in intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells (ITSOFCs), including glasses containing boron oxide and alkaline earth metal (AEM) oxide, glasses with boron oxide and free of AEM oxides, glasses with AEM oxides but boron oxide free, and glasses with boron oxide and AEM oxides free. The thermal stability, adhesion, and sealing properties of the glass systems with respect to SUS 430 stainless steel (SUS430) were examined. The glass transition points fell in the range of 632°C and 819°C. Glasses, containing AEM oxides, showed lower glass crystal temperatures (<785°C) and high thermal expansion coefficients (CTE; >11.6 ppm/°C) which are compatible to that of SUS430, while those glasses without AEM oxides have lower CTEs and, however, possessed good thermal stability at 700°C. It was observed that AEM oxides containing glasses indicates high leak rates, but good bonding strength with SUS430.

C-10: Effect of Sn on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AM90 Extruded Alloy: K Song1; FS Pan2; LB Wang1; CH Duan1; Hua Du1; Ying Luo1; J She1; L Wu1; 1Nuclear Power Institute of China; 2Chongqing University
    Lightweight material is always a good choice for energy saving. Here, we reported a new as-extruded Mg-9Al-xSn-0.3Mn (x=1, 3 and 5) alloy fabricated by hot extrusion. The experimental results revealed that the yield strength of Mg-9Al-xSn alloys was enhanced by addition of Sn. The yield strength even reaches more than 285 MPa, which is much higher than that of the commercial as-extruded AZ91 alloy. Moreover, strengthening mechanism of the alloys was discussed.