2D Materials – Preparation, Properties & Applications: Poster Session
Sponsored by: TMS Functional Materials Division, TMS: Thin Films and Interfaces Committee
Program Organizers: Nuggehalli Ravindra, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Ramana Chintalapalle, University of Texas at El Paso; Gerald Ferblantier, University of Strasbourg - IUT LP / ICube Laboratory - CNRS; Sufian Abedrabbo, Khalifa University

Monday 5:30 PM
February 28, 2022
Room: Exhibit Hall C
Location: Anaheim Convention Center

Session Chair: Ramana Chintalapalle, University of Texas; Sufian Abedrabbo, Khalifa University

A-1: Preparation and Electro-sorption Performance of Lotus Petiole-based Activated Carbon: Zhongmei Miao1; Mengyao Ma1; Wencui Chai1; 1Zhengzhou University
    Biomass based-activated carbon is a commonly used owing to its characteristics of cheap and available. In this study, porous activated carbon was prepared by pyrolytic carbonization and chemical activation of Lotus Petiole (LP) to act as a carbonaceous electrode. The electro-sorption performance was investigated in batch-mode electro-sorption at 1.4 V while treating a 600 mg/L NaCl electrolyte. The electro-sorption dynamics were analyzed through pseudo-first-order kinetic model, pseudo-second-order kinetic model and intra-particle diffusion model. The results showed that electro-sorption capacity of 6.53 mg/g was obtained when the activated carbon produced with a KOH/char ratio of 4 was used as electrode. The electro-sorption process could be described well by the intra-particle diffusion model.