Self-organizing Nano-architectured Materials: On-Demand Poster Session
Program Organizers: Yu-chen Karen Chen-Wiegart, Stony Brook University / Brookhaven National Laboratory; Ian McCue, Northwestern University; Erica Lilleodden, Fraunhofer Insitute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems (IMWS); Pierre-Antoine Geslin, CNRS / INSA-Lyon; Qing Chen, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Monday 8:00 AM
March 14, 2022
Room: Nanostructured Materials
Location: On-Demand Poster Hall

Mechanical Behavior of Nanoporous Gold with Ligament-size Effect under Tension and Compression: Hansol Jeon1; Eunji Song1; Ju-Young Kim1; 1UNIST
    For the mechanical behavior of nanoporous gold (np-Au), systemic analysis on the deformation of np-Au in both tension and compression is not fully carried out. In this study, we investigated mechanical behavior of np-Au in tension and compression. By preparing micro-scale samples without grain boundaries and cracks, we could focus on the mechanical properties only. Four np-Au samples were prepared, and the mechanical tests were performed using in-situ push-to-pull (P-to-P) devices, the nanoindenter, and custom-built micro-mechanical tester. We found two significant things related with tension-compression asymmetry; (1) the tensile yield strengths are higher than the compressive yield strengths except for the greatest ligament size dL and (2) Tensile yield strengths can be described with one-size effect exponent m in σy ∝ dL-m, while compressive yield strengths show no ligament size-effect beyond dL greater than 402 nm. We discuss the effect of loading mode and dislocation activities in the ligaments.