4th International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS) 2018: Monday Plenary
Program Organizers: Hugh Simons, Denmark Technical University; Henning Poulsen, Denmark Technical University; David Rowenhorst, Naval Research Laboratory; Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University; Satoshi Hata, Kyushu Univ; McLean Echlin, UC Santa Barbara

Monday 8:00 AM
June 11, 2018
Room: Store Scene
Location: Kulturværftet (Culture Yard) Conference Center

8:00 AM  Plenary
Imaging Mechanical Models: Stephane Roux1; 1ENS Paris-Saclay/CRNS/University Paris-Saclay
    Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) consists in a non-rigid registration of 3D images of materials. When successive images of a specimen under load are processed, space-time displacement can be measured, and from them mechanical properties can be inferred through mechanical identification. Tomographic image reconstruction, DVC and identification are three inverse problems that share a number of similarities. Moreover they can be combined by pairs and even into a single procedure with radiographs as input and mechanical properties as output. The fusion of these operations results in a net gain in fidelity and efficiency, allowing kinematic or mechanical models to be used as regularizations to help solving the inverse problem. Additionally, it also opens the door to model reduction techniques to further optimize the entire process. This “grand unification” will be illustrated through different examples showing that a mechanical test classically performed in one week, can be completed in a few minutes with a similar quality.

8:45 AM Question and Answer Period

9:00 AM Break