Student-Run Symposium: Building Bridges – Connecting Academic and Industry Research: Session I
Sponsored by: TMS: Education Committee
Program Organizers: Katherine Vinson, The University of Alabama; Omar Rodriguez, The University of Alabama; Ben White, The University of Alabama; Dallin Barton, The University of Alabama; Rachel White, The University of Alabama

Monday 8:30 AM
February 27, 2017
Room: 22
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

Session Chair: Omar Rodriguez, The University of Alabama; Dallin Barton, The University of Alabama

8:30 AM Introductory Comments Dr. Garry W. Warren

8:40 AM  Invited
Building Bridges: Transitioning from Academia to Industry: Lucille Giannuzzi1; 1EXpressLO LLC
    Scientists and engineers possess skills that are easily transferrable to technical sales, product marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship. Identifying a critical need, suggesting a pathway, and implementing a solution, are paramount for either academic research or industrial commercialization. Continued success and sustainable growth requires people skills and marketing experience. Collaborating with key personnel provides the possibility of pinpointing new applications for emerging markets. Examples of the above concepts will be given, and the path from graduate school, to academia, to industry, including the startup and growth of two companies will be presented.