Ceramic Materials for Nuclear Energy Research and Applications: Fundamental Defect Science in Ceramics and Thermal Transport
Sponsored by: TMS Structural Materials Division, TMS: Advanced Characterization, Testing, and Simulation Committee, TMS: Energy Committee, TMS: Nuclear Materials Committee
Program Organizers: Xian-Ming Bai, Virginia Tech; Yongfeng Zhang, Idaho National Laboratory; Maria Okuniewski, Purdue University; Donna Guillen, Idaho National Laboratory; Marat Khafizov, Ohio State University; Thierry Wiss, European Commission- JRC -Institute of Transuranium Elements – Germany

Tuesday 8:30 AM
February 28, 2017
Room: Palomar
Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel

Session Chair: Blas Uberuaga, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Marat Khafizov, Ohio State University