Theory and Methods for Martensite Design: Session 7
Program Organizers: Greg Olson, Northwestern University; Ricardo Komai, QuesTek Innovations LLC

Friday 8:00 AM
July 14, 2017
Room: Gold Coast
Location: Hyatt Regency Chicago

Session Chair: Wenzheng Zhang, Tsinghua University

8:00 AM  Invited
A Unified Theory for Dislocation Glide, Twinning, Trip and Martensite Transformation Processes: Pedro Rivera-Diaz-del-Castillo1; Enrique Galindo-Nava1; Isaac Toda-Caraballo1; 1University of Cambrdige
    A single framework describing the conditions for dislocation glide, transformation induced plasticity and twinning is presented. The work takes as a starting point Olson and Cohen’s theory for martensite nucleation, developing it further to quantify the energy formation of micron-scale epsilon and twin bands. The work naturally incorporates the effects of composition, grain size, temperature and strain rate. Critical input to the model is the stacking fault energy, a discussion of several approaches to obtain this from the literature is presented. The plasticity behaviour of a range of stainless and TWIP steels is well described by the new theory, which can be used to design alloys of tailored stress/strain response.