4th International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS) 2018: Wednesday Plenary
Program Organizers: Hugh Simons, Denmark Technical University; Henning Poulsen, Denmark Technical University; David Rowenhorst, Naval Research Laboratory; Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University; Satoshi Hata, Kyushu Univ; McLean Echlin, UC Santa Barbara

Wednesday 3:20 PM
June 13, 2018
Room: Store Scene
Location: Kulturværftet (Culture Yard) Conference Center

3:20 PM  Plenary
Challenges in Acquisition of Statistically Significant Multimodal 3D Data for Property Prediction: William Lenthe; Andrew Polonsky; McLean Echlin; Jean-Charles Stinville; Tresa Pollock1; 1University of California, Santa Barabara
    The development of high fidelity material property and life prediction models often requires three-dimensional information on the distribution of phases, interfaces, grains or extrinsic defects. Acquisition of this information requires consideration of appropriate representative volume elements that vary in size with material, microstructure and the property of interest. Recent advances in the use of femtosecond lasers for layer-by-layer ablation within the TriBeam microscope platform to gather representative volumes of information will be reviewed. Examples of the utility of multimodal data will be given for several classes of materials. Statistical measures of convergence for microstructural features and their relationship to convergence volumes for properties will be considered. The challenges for integrating experimental voxelized data with models for prediction of mechanical properties will be addressed for nickel-base and titanium-base alloys.

4:05 PM Question and Answer Period