Frontiers in Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology: An FMD Symposium in Honor of Sungho Jin: Process-Property-Performance Correlations: Titanates, Transition Metal Oxides, Chalcogenides & Beyond
Sponsored by: TMS Functional Materials Division, TMS: Biomaterials Committee, TMS: Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Materials Committee, TMS: Nanomaterials Committee, TMS: Thin Films and Interfaces Committee
Program Organizers: Fay Hua, Intel Corporation; Tae-Kyu Lee, Portland State University; Young-Ho Kim, Hanyang University; Roger Narayan, University of North Carolina; Choong-un Kim, University of Texas at Arlington; Nuggehalli Ravindra, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Tuesday 2:00 PM
February 28, 2017
Room: 33B
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

Session Chair: Tae-Kyu Lee, Portland State University; Yuntian Zhu, North Carolina State University

2:00 PM Introductory Comments