Computational Approaches to Materials for Energy Applications: Session I
Sponsored by: TMS Extraction and Processing Division, TMS Light Metals Division, TMS: Energy Committee
Program Organizers: Laurent Chaput, LEMTA

Wednesday 8:30 AM
March 1, 2017
Room: 7A
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

Session Chair: Laurent Chaput, Lorraine University

8:30 AM  Invited
Visual Search Strategies for Thermoelectrics: David Singh1; 1University of Missouri
    Thermoelectric performance depends on a contraindicated combination of transport properties. In particular, it requires high conductivity, high thermopower and low thermal conductivity. The contradiction implied by the need for both high thermopower and high conductivity implies that excellent thermoelectric materials should have unusual electronic structures that are not described by simple isotropic parabolic band models. This talk presents a discussion of the unusual electronic features that can lead to high thermoelectric performance and search strategies for identifying candidate materials.