2017 Light Metals Keynote Session: Global Aluminum Industry 2017: A Look Forward
Sponsored by: TMS Light Metals Division, TMS: Aluminum Committee
Program Organizers: Edward Williams, Arconic

Monday 8:30 AM
February 27, 2017
Room: 1A
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

Session Chair: Edward Williams, Arconic

8:30 AM Introductory Comments

8:35 AM  Keynote
Alcoa Corporation -- Strength Across the Value Chain: Agnello Borim1; 1Alcoa
    Alcoa Corporation’s operations encompass all major production processes in the primary aluminum industry value chain, which we believe provides Alcoa Corporation with a strong platform from which to serve our customers in each critical segment. Our portfolio is well-positioned to take advantage of a projected growth scenario in global aluminum demand and to be globally cost competitive throughout all phases of the aluminum commodity price cycle.

9:00 AM  Keynote
Primary Aluminium Smelting on the Move: Bernard Allais1; 1Rio Tinto
    To be announced.

9:25 AM  Cancelled
Arconic Perspectives on the Global Aluminum Industry: Moustapha Mbaye1; 1Arconic
    To be announced.

9:50 AM Question and Answer Period

10:10 AM Break