Alumina & Bauxite: Non-traditional Resources
Sponsored by: TMS Light Metals Division, TMS: Aluminum Committee
Program Organizers: Zhang Ting'an, Northeastern University

Wednesday 8:30 AM
March 1, 2017
Room: 3
Location: San Diego Convention Ctr

Session Chair: Guozhi Lv, Northeastern University; Lesley Ironside, WorleyParsons

8:30 AM Introductory Comments

8:35 AM  
New Process Research on Aluminium Production from Non-traditional Aluminum Resource by Microwave Chlorination: Zhang Ting'an1; Guozhi Lv1; Long Wang1; Zhihe Dou1; Weiguang Zhang1; Yukun Huang1; Yanxiu Wang1; 1Northeastern University
    A novel method was developed to prepare aluminium via fluidizing chlorination with untraditional aluminum resources as raw materials. The main steps in this method were: alumina transformed into aluminium chloride through fluidizing chlorination; aluminium chloride reacted with NaOH solution for aluminium hydroxide and NaCl; NaOH and Cl2 were recycled from NaCl solution by electrolytic process. The new process for preparing aluminium resources by fluidizing chlorination method was proposed to realize efficient separation of the valuable components in non-traditional aluminum resources such as fly ash or low grade bauxite, silicon in untraditional aluminum changed into SiCl4 in fluidizing chlorination which could be used as raw materials for high purity Si products. Furthermore, the tailings emission of this process was quite lower than that of Bayer process. This paper mainly introduce the principle of this new process, the thermodynamics of fluidizing chlorination is analysis as well.

9:00 AM  
Chemical Alumina Preparation by Using High Alumina Content Fly Ash: Guozhi Lv1; Zhang Ting'an1; Weiguang Zhang1; Xiaofeng Zhu1; Yan Liu1; Long Wang1; Zhihe Dou1; Qiuyue Zhao1; 1Northeastern University
    Processes of chemical alumina preparation of high alumina content fly ash raw materials were put forward in order to solve the problems of bauxite resource shortage in China and high value application of fly ash. High white aluminum hydroxide and Pseudoboehmite can be obtained by sintering process with the precipitation and carbonate decomposition, 4A zeolite was prepared through the pre-roasting and synthesis process, and activated aluminium oxide was prepared through the acid leaching and pyrolysis method. Typical experiments for preparing different kind of chemical alumina products were presented as well. Whiteness, porosity, pore volume, crystalline and other key parameters of chemical alumina products determined by XRD and ASAP match the industry requirements well.