GAT-2017 (Gamma Alloys Technology - 2017): Novel Processing - Additive Manufacturing and SPS
Sponsored by: TMS Structural Materials Division, TMS: Titanium Committee
Program Organizers: Young-Won Kim, Gamteck LLC; Wilfried Smarsly, MTU Aero Engines AG; Junpin Lin, University of Science and Technology Beijing; Pierre Sallot, Safran Tech; Paul Withey, Rolls-Royce; Al Sommer, Del West Engineering, Inc; Rui Yang, Institute of Metal Research CAS; Florian Pyczak, Helmholtz-Zentrum-Geesthacht; Dennis Dimiduk, BlueQuartz Software, LLC

Thursday 8:30 AM
March 2, 2017
Room: Solana
Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel

Session Chair: Rui Yang, Institute of Metal Research; Rob Haun, Retech Systems