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About this Symposium
Meeting 2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials
Sponsorship TMS Extraction and Processing Division
TMS: Materials Characterization Committee
Organizer(s) Bowen Li, Michigan Technological University
Jian Li, CanmetMATERIALS
Shadia Jamil Ikhmayies, Al Isra University
Mingming Zhang, ArcelorMittal Global R&D
Eren Yunus Kalay, METU
John S Carpenter, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jiann-Yang Hwang, Michigan Technological University
Sergio Neves Monteiro, Military Institute of Engineering
Donato Firrao, Politecnico di Torino - DISAT
Andrew David Brown, UNSW Australia
Chenguang Bai, Chongqing University
Zhiwei Peng, Central South University
Juan P. Escobedo-Diaz, UNSW Australia
Ramasis Goswami, Naval Research Laboratory
Jeongguk Kim, Korea Railroad Research Institute
Scope The symposium focuses on the advancements of characterization of the minerals, metals, and materials and the applications of characterization results on the processing of these materials. Subjects include, but not limited to, extraction & processing of various minerals, process-structure-property relationship of metal alloys, glasses and ceramics, polymers, composites, and carbon using as functional and structural materials such as fibers, biomaterials, electronic, magnetic and optical materials, energy materials, newly developed advanced materials, pollutants, recycled, insulation materials, etc. Advanced characterization methods, techniques, nondestructive evaluation, and instruments are emphasized.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Novel methods, techniques, and instruments for characterizing materials across a spectrum of systems and processes.
- Characterization of mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, dielectric, magnetic, physical, and other properties of materials.
- Characterization of structural, morphological, and topographical natures of materials at micro- and nano- scales.
- Characterization and related devices for materials processing and manufacturing.
- Characterization of extraction and processing including process development and analysis of various processes.
- Nondestructive evaluation of engineering materials and components with ultrasonic testing, acoustic emission, infrared thermography, radiography, etc.
- Instrumental developments for microstructure analysis and performance evaluation of materials, such as process integration, computer tomography (CT), X-ray diffactometry, various microscopies (TEM, AFM, SEM, etc.), spectrophotometries, FIB techniques, TG/DTA/DSC, etc.
- 2D and 3D Modeling for materials characterization.

Symposium Dynamics:
This symposium encourages, but does not demand, accompanying proceedings papers for each oral presentation. Awards will be presented for individuals who provide the best combination of oral presentation and written proceedings paper. In addition, a poster session will be organized at TMS 2018 with awards for best posters. Selected papers would be recommended for publishing in TMS journals such as JOM.
Abstracts Due 07/01/2017
Proceedings Plan Planned: Stand-alone book in which only your symposium’s papers would appear (indicate title in comments section below)
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