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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2017
Symposium Glass Composites
Organizer(s) Guang-Ming (Derek) Tao, University of Central Florida
Huanyu Cheng, The Pennsylvania State University
Xin Zhang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jie Song, Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology
Scope The purpose of this symposium is to provide an international forum for scientists and engineers to discuss and exchange ideas on the state-of-the-art in the processing, characterization and the applications of glass composites. This will bring together people from industry, academics, and national laboratories to present the advances in basic science and technology and to discuss how these can be used to address technological issue faced by both the cutting-edge research community and the industry settings. This symposium will provide researchers a unique the platform and the opportunity to discuss the recent progress of glass composite materials in a wide range of applications.

Session topics:
Carbon-glass composite; Polymer-glass composite; Bio-active glass composite; Metal-glass composite; Glass-ceramic composite; Nanocrystal-glass composite;
Crystallization of composite; Composite interface; Mechanics of composite materials; Component design and fiber architecture;
Advanced manufacturing of glass composite; Modeling and theory computation; 3D printing of glass composite;
Applications of glass composite in optics and photonics, nuclear waste immobilization, advanced functional fibers, electrical conductive glass, energy storage and harvesting, and tissue engineering etc.
Abstracts Due 03/31/2017
Proceedings Plan Definite: At-meeting proceedings

An Innovative Pathway to Nanostructured Sapphire Optical Fiber for Sensing in Harsh Environments
Broadband Tunable Emission of Glasses for Single-phase Multi-Chromatic/White Light Phosphors
Comparison of Hot Pressing and Spark Plasma Sintering in the Densification Behavior of Indium Tin Oxide – Borosilicate Glass Composites
Crystallization Kinetics and Microstructural Development in a Complex Borosilicate Glass-ceramic for Waste Vitrification
Design and Characterization of Glass-Ceramic Layered Composites with Enhanced Mechanical Properties
Effects of Microstructure on the Corrosion Behavior of Borosilicate Glass-ceramics for Waste Vitrification
Functionalizing a Glass Surface with Nanostructures for Nanophotonic and Optoelectronic Applications
Glass-ceramic Composite for Wavelength Tunable Light Source
HBQ100 – A Novel Silicon-silica Composite
Improved Characterization of Cell Phone Glass by SEM/EDS with an Updated Silicon Drift Detector
Luminescence Properties of Rare Earth Doped Chalcogenide Glass Ceramics and Quantum Dots/Chalcogenide Glass Composite
Microstructure Effects on the Dynamic Tensile (Spall) Strength of Titanium-based Bulk Metallic Glass In-situ formed Composites
Nanocrystal-glass Composite Electrolytes with Superior Ionic Conductivity and Stability for Na-ion Batteries
Photoelectric Properties of Nano-crystallized Chalcogenide Glass-ceramics
Sintering Behavior and Phase Transition of ZnS-CaLa2S4 Composites
Tuning Different Crystalline Phases via Composition Design in Ge-Ga-S Chalcogenide Glass-ceramics
Vector Soliton Polarization Dynamics in Anisotropic Silica Glass Optical Fiber Based Ultrafast Laser

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