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About this Symposium
Meeting 2019 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Advances in Surface Engineering
Sponsorship TMS: Surface Engineering Committee
Organizer(s) Rajeev K. Gupta, North Carolina State University
Sandip P. Harimkar, Oklahoma State University
Arif Mubarok, PPG
Deepak Kumar, Baker Hughes, A GE Company
Tushar M. Borkar, Cleveland State University
Dong Lin, Kansas State University
Scope This symposium aims to capture recent advances in processing, characterization, simulation/modeling, and applications related to surface engineering of materials. The symposium topics include but not limited to:

- Coatings (metallic, ceramic, organic, and composite coatings)
- Surface protection from wear and corrosion
- Surface characterization techniques
- Surface alloying
- Nanostructured surfaces
- Biomaterials
- High temperature coatings
- Additive Manufacturing

Abstracts Due 07/16/2018
Proceedings Plan Planned: Supplemental Proceedings volume

Application of Shot Peening on α+β and β Titanium Alloys to Form Nanocrystalline Layers
Characterization of Deposits on Oil-refining Process Equipment
Computer Vision and Feature Selection Approach to Analyzing Rough Surfaces for Fatigue Crack Initiation
Determining Conditions and Mechanisms for Barium Desorption from Scandate Cathode Surfaces
Dry Sheet Metal Forming Through Selective Oxidized Tool Surfaces
E-1: Corrosion and Wear Resistance of PTFE-Al2O3 Coatings Deposited on Aluminium Alloy by a Microblasting Process
E-3: Microstructure and Wear Properties of Cold Sprayed Nanodiamond Aluminum Composite Coating
E-4: Surface Enhancement of Mild Steel with ZrO2 Composite Induced Zinc Based Electrolyte by Electrodeposition Technique
E-5: The Wear Behavior of Thermally Sprayed Al-TiC Composite Coatings on the Carbon Steel Substrate
Effect of Powder Composition, Laser Power and Load Variation on the Wear Depth and Wear Volume of Hybrid Titanium Alloy MMCs.
Effect of Process Parameters on Surface Properties of Laser Hardened Cast Iron
Effect of Zr Content on Structure Property Relations of Ni-Zr Alloy Thin Films Processed by dc Magnetron Co-sputtering
Graphene Coating: A Novel Nano Approach for Remarkable Corrosion Resistance
Heat Treatment of Gas Atomized Powders for Cold Spray Deposition
Influence of Heat Treatment on the Corrosion Resistance of AZ31B Cold Sprayed by AA7075
Influence of Stacking Fault Energy (SFE) and Post Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold Sprayed Aluminium Bronze Coatings
Interaction between Additive Manufacturing Defects and Two Corrosive Environments
Laser Shock Processing of Ceramic Materials
Microstructural Analysis of Aluminum-Molybdenum Surface Composites by Friction Stir Processing
Microstructural Simulation of Thermal Spray Coatings: Comparison with 3D Characterization
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Directed Vapor Deposited Mg-Mn Alloy Coatings
Nitrided Layers Investigated at the Atomic Scale by Atom Probe Tomography
On Improvement in Surface Integrity of -EDMed Ti-6Al-4V Alloy by -ECM Process
Optimization of Slurry Aluminized 31V Alloy Coatings
Pulse Galvanostatic Electrodeposition of Ag-Cu Thin Film Coating with Advanced Mechanical and Corrosion Properties
Pulsed Potentiostatic Deposition of Cu-Zn Alloy Coatings from Novel Glycerol-NaOH Based Electrolyte for Wear Resistance and Anti-corrosive Properties
Structurally Integrated, Damage Tolerant Coatings
Study of the Effects of Bi-Nano Additives on the Mechanical Properties of Aisi 5130 Mild Steel during Machining
Study on the Microstructure and Thermal Corrosion Behavior of Nanostructured GH864 Superalloy
Surface Characterization of the As-built Ti-6Al-4V Parts Produced using Electron Beam Melting Technology (EBM)
Surface Chemistry after Spot-by-spot Laser-interference Processing of AA 5128 Alloy
The Roles of Al and Sn Alloying on Corrosion of Antimicrobial Cu-Al-Sn Alloys.
The Study of Slurry Erosion Wear Behavior of Coal Bottom Ash Slurry Handling Pipeline
Understanding the Effects of Lubricants/Coatings on Friction and Wear during Reciprocatory Sliding Motion at High Contact Pressures
Wear Characterization of Cemented Carbide Multipoint Cutting Tool Machining AISI 4140 at High Cutting Speed: Criteria for Materials Selection

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