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About this Symposium
Meeting 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Symposium Mechanical Behavior at the Nanoscale II
Sponsorship TMS Structural Materials Division
TMS/ASM: Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee
TMS: Nanomechanical Materials Behavior Committee
Organizer(s) Evan Ma, Johns Hopkins University
Daniel S Gianola, University of California, Santa Barbara
Ting Zhu, Georgia Institute Of Technology
Julia R Greer, California Institute of Technology
Scope This symposium focuses on the mechanical properties of small-volume and low-dimensional materials. These range from nanowires and nanotubes, to microscale or nanoscale materials such as pillars, particles and thin films. The symposium invites papers that discuss sample size effects, nanoscale mechanical testing and in situ characterization of small-scale materials. The properties to be covered include elasticity, strength, plastic flow, fatigue and fracture. Papers that address the mechanics and modeling aspects are also solicited, with emphasis on unusual mechanisms that influence the plasticity of small-volume materials. Applications of such materials, including those in MEMS/NEMS devices, will be considered as well.
Abstracts Due 07/15/2013
Proceedings Plan Planned: A print-only volume

A Comparative Study on the Plastic Response of Various Nanotwinned Metals
Atomic-scale Processes in Friction and Wear
Atomistic Scale Observation on Deformation in Angstrom-sized Twin Gold Nanowires
Avalanche Statistics of a Dipolar Mat in a Simplified Micro-structural Environment
C44: Characterization of Transformation-induced Defects in NiTi Shape Memory Alloys
C45: Continuum Dislocation Dynamics Modeling of Mesoscale Deformation of Single Crystals
C46: Diameter-dependence of Elastic Properties in ZnO Nanowires: Why Do the Published Results have Conflicting Diameter Dependence?
C48: Effect of Sputter Pressure on Stress Evolution in Ta Thin Films during Beta-to-alpha Phase Transformation
C49: Effective Attacking Length Scale of Dislocation Nucleation from the Free Surface in Pure Crystals
C50: Effects of Grain Size on the Martensitic Phase Transformation of Nano-polycrystalline NiAl Shape Memory Alloys
C51: Fabrication and Characterization of Hollow Metallic Nanolattices
C52: Towards an understanding of the fatigue degradation in nanoscale alumina and titania coatings
C53: Hydrogen Effect on the Nanomechanical Behavior of amorphous Alloy Ribbons Having Various Zr Contents
C54: Influence of Indenter Geometry on Hydrogen Effects in Nanoindentation of a Linepipe Steel
C55: Load- and Displacement-controlled Nanoindentation of Al/a-Si Core-shell Nanostructures
C56: Mechanical Behavior of HCP-based Multilayers at Nanoscale
C57: Mechanical Behavior of Nanocrystalline Metal in a Bulk, Thin Slab and Wire
C58: Nanoscale Creep-fatigue Behavior of Indium at Room Temperature
C59: Nanoscale Creep and Its Coupled Behavior in 1-D Semiconducting Nanostructures
C60: Predicting Flow Curve of Dual-phase Steels through Nanoindentation
C61: Size Effects in Nanoscale Multilayered Materials: Influence of Interface Shear Strength
C62: The Nanomechanical Properties of a Zn-22wt.% Al Alloy Processed by High-pressure Torsion
C63: Thermal Stability of Au-ZnO Nanocomposite: Relationship between Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Response
C64: Wear and Environmental Resistance of Laser-fabricated Oxides on Steel and Ti
C65: Non-destructive Evaluation of Surface Residual Stress in Float Glass Using Nanoindentation
C66: In Situ EBSD Characterization of the Texture Transformation of Silver Thin Films Related to Film Thickness and Adhesion Layer
C67: Indentation Size Effect in Nanoporous Gold
Compression Behaviour of Nanoporous Gold Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Convoluted Thermal/Spatial Statistics of Nanoindentation Pop-in Tests as Plasticity Initiation in Small Stressed Volumes
Counting Dislocations in Micro-crystals with Coherent X-rays: Ex Situ and In Situ Studies of the Plastic Deformation of InSb Micro-pillars
Coupled Atomistics and Discrete Dislocations in 3d (CADD-3d): Approach, Progress, and Issues
Crystal Plasticity Model for BCC Iron Atomistically Informed by Kinetics of Correlated Kinkpair Nucleation on Screw Dislocations
Damage Evolution during Cyclic Tension-tension Loading of Micron-sized Cu Lines at Temperatures up to 673 K
Deformation Behavior of Nanotwinned Thin Films from In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Experiments
Deformation Behaviour of Nanostructured Materials during Small Scale Testing
Direct Measurement of the Effect of Applied Stress on Texture Transformations in Thin Ag Films
Effects of External vs Internal Length Scales on Strength of Small Metallic Materials
Elastic Instabilities during Nanoindentation of Perfect Crystals: From Homogeneous Dislocation Nucleation to Diffuse Buckling
Elasticity and Plasticity of Submicron-sized Metallic Glasses: An In Situ TEM Study
Enhanced Radiation Tolerance and Strengthening Mechanisms in Helium Ion Irradiated Cu/Co Multilayers
Enhanced Strength and Damage Tolerance in 3D Nano-architected Metamaterials
Experimental Test of Universality Over Boundary Conditions in Small Scale Mechanical Testing
Fatigue-induced Grain Coarsening and Its Influence on the Electromechanical Properties of Metal Films on Polyimide
Film Thickness Effects on the Deformation Behavior of Cu/Cr Thin Films on Polyimide
Fracture in Nanostructures with Pre-fabricated Notches
From Defective Twin Boundaries to Angstrom-scaled Twins: Understanding the Plasticity and Fracture of Nanotwinned Metals
From Idealized Bi-crystals towards Applied Polycrystals: Plastic Deformation in Small Dimensions
Grain Boundary Dynamics in the Deformation of Nanocrystalline Metals
High Temperature Mechanical Behaviour of Al/SiC Multilayers
High Temperature Nanomechanical Testing: Softening and Melting of Soda Lime Glass
Impurity Strengthening of Nanocrystalline Thin Films by Controlling Stress-driven Grain Growth
In Situ Measurement and Modeling of Intrinsic Stress Evolution in Nanocrystalline Films
In Situ Observations of Stress-Coupled Grain Boundary Migration in Nanocrystalline Metals
In Situ TEM Compression of Co23at.%Ti Metallic Glasses
Influence of Biphase Interfacial Character on the Mechanical Response of Nanolamellar Composites
Insights into Confined Plasticity in Micropillars from Atomistic Simulations
Internal Structure, Size and Surface Effects on the Plasticity and Failure of Metallic Nanowires
Lifetime and Damage Initiation of Micro-scale fcc Materials in the High and Very High Cycle Fatigue Regimes
Load Drop and Slip Step Statistics in Cast Aluminium and Magnesium Microwires
Mechanical Behavior of Dealloyed Nanoporous Silicon
Mechanical Behaviors of Nanostructures of Low Melting Temperature Metals as Revealed by Synchrotron Laue X-ray Microdiffraction
Mechanical Behaviors of Two Dimensional Materials
Mechanical Properties and Scaling Behavior of Bulk Nanoporous Gold and Iridium
Mechanical Properties of Solid-state-dewetted Iron Nanoparticles at Cryogenic Temperatures
Micro-mechanical Behavior and Reliability Assessment of Micro-injection-molded and Shape Cut 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Based MEMS
Micro-mechanical Characterization of Ultra-high Strength Dendritic Tungsten Thermal Barrier Coatings
Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Plastic Deformation and Fracture of Nano-crystalline Thin Films
Nanoindentation Study of Iron Nanoparticles Produced by Solid State Dewetting
Nanoporous Au(Pt) with Electrochemically Tunable Strength
Nanostructured Metallic Muscles at Work
New In Situ TEM Techniques for Investigating Deformation Mechanisms in Small Volumes
On a Proper Account of Plastic Size Effects in Continuum Models Including the Flux of Dislocation Density
On the Occurrence of Deformation Twinning and Dislocation Plasticity in Small Scale Mg Samples
Phase Transformation in Single Layer Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) under Tension via Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Plastic Deformation of Bi-crystalline Micro Pillars Analyzed by In Situ µLaue Diffraction
Predicting the Rate of Dislocation Cross Slip
Quantitative In Situ TEM Study of Fatigue Crack Nucleation in Nanocrystalline Gold Thin Films
Reversible Cyclic Deformation of Au Nanowires by a Transition to a Twinning-detwinning Mechanism Evidenced from In Situ TEM
Room Temperature In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Plastic Deformation of 6H-SiC and Its Mechanism
Simulation of Complex Materials Structures with Charge Optimized Many-body (COMB) Potentials
Size Dependence of Strength and Plasticity in Nb25Mo25Ta25W25 Refractory High-entropy Alloy
Size Effects on the Martensitic Transformation in Shape Memory Alloy Microwires
Strain Localization in Amorphous Metallic Nanowires:Molecular Dynamics Simulations on the Influence of Size, Surface Relaxation State and Temperature
Strengthening Effect of Single-atomic-layer Graphene in Metal-graphene Nanolayered Composites
Surface Energy Drives Size Effect in Nano-sized Metallic Glasses
Tailoring Grain Boundary Structure to Control the Mechanical Behavior of Nanocrystalline Alloys
Temperature and Strain-rate Dependent Dislocation Nucleation in Pd Nanowhiskers
The Relation between Slip and Slip Traces in bcc Microcompression Experiments
Ultra-low Density Nanotubular Metal Oxides with Super-high Modulus and Strength by Atomic Layer Deposition
Understanding the Failure of Sodium Borosilicate Glasses: From the Macroscale to the Microscale
Variation in Nanoindentation Hardness of Platinum

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