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About this Symposium
Meeting Materials Science & Technology 2016
Symposium Innovative Processing and Synthesis of Ceramics, Glasses and Composites
Jitendra Singh, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Scarlett Widgeon, New Mexico Highlands University
Gabriela Mera, TU Darmstadt
Scope The purpose of this symposium is to provide an international forum for scientists, engineers, and technologists to discuss and exchange ideas on the state-of-the -art in ceramics/ composite processing and characterization. This will bring together people from industry, academics, and research laboratories to present advances in basic science and technology and to discuss how these can be used to address technological issues faced by the industry. This interaction will provide solutions to manufacturing and product development issues and help focus and direct effort at universities and research laboratories. The net result will be an improved science and technology base that will serve to enhance the performance of industrial products.

Molecular Design of Advanced Ceramic Materials; Reaction-Forming;Combustion Synthesis; CVD and CVI; Electrophoresis; Microwave and Plasma Processing; Oxidation of Metals and Mechanical Alloying; Sol-gel, Polymer Precursor, and Soft Chemistry Techniques; Colloidal and Solution Processing; Plasma Spraying and EBPVD; Laminated Object Manufacturing/Rapid Prototyping; Mechanism and Kinetics of Processes; Powders, Films, Thick and Thin Coatings; Fibers, Composites, Electronic and Functionally Graded Materials; Nanotechnology
Abstracts Due 03/31/2016
Proceedings Plan Planned: Publication outside of MS&T

Additive Manufacturing of Polymer-derived Ceramics
Advanced Polymer-derived Ceramics with a Controlled Nanocarbon-phase
Ceramics with Unique Pore Structures via Freeze Casting of Preceramic Polymers
Challenges in Spark Plasma Sintering of Cerium(IV) Oxide
Composites with In-situ Grown CNTs in Porous Polymer Derived SiOC Ceramics
Consolidation of Diamond-based Composite by SPS
Direct Observation of Solute Atoms and Interfaces in Covalent Bonded Materials
Effect of Boron Incorporation on the Phase Composition and High-temperature Behavior of Polymer-derived Silicon Carbide
Fabrication of Highly Structure-controlled Ceramics by Advanced Powder Processing
Formation of Anodic Nanoporous/Nanotubular Beryllium Oxide
From Pottery to Battery: Polymer-derived Ceramic Energy Storage Materials
High-strength Pseudobrookite-type MgTi2O5 by Spark Plasma Sintering
Increasing the Silicon Carbide Content in Laser Sintered Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide
Influence of Hot-pressing Time on Phase Evolution of SHS Obtained Ti2AlC Active Precursors Powders
Inorganic Clusters and Nanorparticles in the Synthesis of Ceramics
Low Temperature Synthesis of SiC, Si3N4 and SiAlON by Carbothermal Reduction or Nitridation of Geopolymers
Molecular Approach towards Advanced Silicon-based Ceramics: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Molecular Design of Nitrides as Single-phase Ceramics and Nanocomposite Structures for Energy Applications
Nano-catalyst Impregnation Optimization of SOFC Electrodes Using Catechol Surfactants
Near-zero Volume-shrinkage in Reactive Sintering of Porous MgTi2O5 with Pseudobrookite-type Structure
Pistachio Shell Reinforced Iron Matrix Composites
Plasma Deposition and Modification of Metal Oxide Nanosurfaces and Hetero-interfaces for Solar Harvesting Applications
Polyhedral Ceria Crystals Synthesized by KCl-LiCl Molten Salt Method
Polymer Derived Composite Ceramic Coatings and Joints: Processing, Properties and Performance
Porous Bioceramics from Preceramic Polymers and Engineered Fillers
Shrinkage Crack Evolution during 1st Pyrolysis in Polymer Impregnation and Pyrolysis Processing of Ceramic Matrix Composites
Solid State Reactive Sintering for Proton Conducting Ceramics
Structure, Interfaces, and NMR Studies characterizing the Impact of “Free” Carbon in Silicon Oxycarbide Ceramics
Synthesis of Textured Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramic Diborides Using Spark Plasma Forging
Thermal Stability and Electrical Conductivity of Carbon-enriched Silicon Oxycarbide
Toughening of Transparent Magnesium Aluminate Spinel by Dissolution/Precipitation of Alumina
Toward Stress Engineered Ceramics via Processing-enabled Microstructural Design

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